Removal Guide

Screenshot What is is a malicious platform which tries to make profit off of computer users by deception. The domain is a gateway for false warning ads, informing you that your machine is infected with viruses and needs to be repaired. These messages will urge you to install some supposed security tools and call a hot line for technical support. Be warned that this is all a scam. The programs that will be offered to help fix your computer are fake. They may be useless software that is sold to take people's money, or even be a malicious program themselves. The hot line mediated... read more

RespectSale Removal Guide

Screenshot What is RespectSale? RespectSale is a browser add-on which is characterized by its numerous popping up ads and not controlled redirects to third-party sites. The tool is known to act as a browser hijacker and tries to exploit the user's browsing sessions to increase the traffic to these pages. However, these sites are aimed at promoting their products and selling them or they are just trying to accomplish some other goal. As not all of their intentions may be good, it turns out that the redirects RespectSale causes are insecure and may even result in a fatal system infection and theft of... read more

WhiteDeals Removal Guide

Screenshot What is WhiteDeals? WhiteDeals is a program which generates advertisements that are presented as legitimate online shopping deals. The tool is considered to be an adware application, as it forwards to third party websites which are not operated by WhiteDeals. You will have no way of knowing where each ad links to. Any of them can take you to a malicious website which spreads malware. WhiteDeals has in no way taken responsibility for the content of the ads which leaves all liabilities at the hands of the end user. You will easily distinguish the ads WhiteDeals is responsible for, as they... read more

Information Cloud Removal Guide

Screenshot What is Information Cloud? Information Cloud is a tool which offers services related to online shopping. The program features comparison shopping and hands out coupons. This may appear convenient at first glance, but there are a few uncertainties. Information Cloud does not look for these deals itself and does not account for any possible damage that may result from following its pop-up ads. For this reason, specialists categorize the application as adware or a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Be advised that online shopping discounts are a common marketing strategy that these kinds of... read more

DiscountExt Removal Guide

Screenshot What is DiscountExt? DiscountExt is a program which links to different kinds of products and software. The tool will offer you items at bargain prices, coupons and software that is supposed to be helpful. These features are not confirmed to be reliable. The ads DiscountExt forwards to you are made by third parties. They could redirect to external sources. You should not use any of the features this program offers. Every advertisement can belong to a malicious third party that looks to distribute malware. The software tools DiscountExt offers may be unreliable as well and the updates... read more

Coupons Free Removal Guide

Screenshot What is Coupons Free? Coupons Free is an adware application which offers users bargain deals and coupons. Using a deceptive marketing strategy, this tool will try to lure you into using its services. You should know that they are not reliable. The ads the program shows you do not belong to affiliates of Coupons Free, but to third parties it profits from. The tool also takes no responsibility for their safety. You may encounter infections by following them. You will not be able to tell which ad is reliable and which is not, so you should refrain from opening any of them. There is also a... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot What is is a website which is presented as a convenient alternative search engine. It features links to popular websites, embedded under the search field. Do not be fooled that this web page is just a handy domain which can optimize your searches and be of use to get quick access to some of your favorite websites. is used to hijack your browser and use your activity and data to make profit off of you. You will be shown promoted ads in pop-up windows and have supported pages featured amid your browsing results. You should not follow any advertising... read more

PCTuner Removal Guide

Screenshot Unable to uninstall PCTuner? You can find detailed PCTuner removal instructions below PCTuner is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) which poses as a legitimate antivirus program. The tool will do scans automatically and ask you to buy its full version to remove the supposed infections from your PC. The truth is that PCTuner cannot detect or delete any viruses. The results the tool displays are not legitimate and should not be relied upon. Unlike other fake AV tools which can lock your system, this program only displays warning messages without limiting your access to programs or the... read more

Netmon Removal Guide

Screenshot Are you trying to remove Netmon? This page contains full Netmon removal instructions Netmon is a program, marketed as an IT management optimizer. The tool is supposed to help monitor network environments. If you have it installed to your system, you will see that Netmon will display ads which have nothing to do with this kind of activity. This hints that the program is actually an ad-supported adware application which uses advertising for making profit. Since it is not paid to use, it requires some purpose for its existence. This is one of the ways it makes profit for its creators. You may... read more

Mr Fun Removal Guide

Screenshot Mr Fun is the name of a program which may sound harmless and leisure, but the effects from its performance may be severe. This is an adware application which does not have good intentions. It offers a number of services, including commercial ads, games and multimedia viewing optimization. These services are advertised through advertisements. The ads Mr Fun will show you may hide malicious software. They are not really generated to be of service to the end user. The reason Mr Fun shows them to you is because it gets paid to by its providers. The program will provide content which is supposed... read more
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