Removal Guide

Screenshot is a browser hijacker which lets .dll files into your system without your permission. This tool tricks its way in and opens a path for harmful programs. The .dll files are used by malware to enter your computer. They are a security hole which can lead to more dangerous applications getting in and causing all kinds of problems for you and your system. works in unison with another malevolent application known as They share the same IP address and transfer the same files. To restore your system's security, you need to uninstall from... read more

WordProser Removal Guide

Screenshot The WordProser application offers to help you with your search results. It advertises translation services and search optimization. However, there is much more advertised by WordProser which does not involve any of the featured services. The program is ad-supported, meaning it will display pop-ups in your browser windows every time you use the internet. The way WordProser selects the advertisements it displays to users has lead to the program being categorized as adware. It is not safe to open any of the pop-ups that will appear, as their sources are not disclosed. WordProser gathers... read more

eDeals Removal Guide

Screenshot The eDeals program is a typical adware application which uses deceptive tactics to enter and remain on users' computers. The program will offer bargain deals and coupons to get your attention. The low priced product offerings eDeals will direct you to come from various web sources. You cannot know whether they are legitimate or not, since the program does not guarantee their reliability. This, in turn, means that the advertisements displayed by eDeals could come from corrupted websites and lead to infections. Once you locate this adware on your system, it is best to delete it right away to... read more

Dollar Saver Ads Removal Guide

Screenshot The Dollar Saver ads program is one of many tools which show product offers at low prices from a variety of sources. This application is categorized as adware or a potentially unwanted program (PUP). The EULA of Dollar Saver ads states that the program's developers are not responsible for the reliability of the ads it forwards to users. This is a clear sign that the app is developed for the benefit of its creators and not for computer users' convenience. If you do not wish to rely on unconfirmed sources, you should remove Dollar Saver ads from your PC. How did Dollar Saver ads get access to... read more

VLC Add-On Ads Removal Guide

Screenshot The VLC Add-On ads is offered as an extension to VLC Player. However, this tool is in no way associated to the creators of VLC Player and should therefore not be trusted. The VLC Add-On ads has been developed by third parties who use it for their personal gains. The services the add-on is advertised to do are questionable. For one, the pop-up ads which the users will see every time they open their browsers may not be safe to follow. The VLC Add-On ads is known to redirect to compromised websites and help in spreading malware. Since the tool cannot be trusted, we advise you to delete the VLC... read more

Search Maven Removal Guide

Screenshot Search Maven belongs to a group of adware applications developed by SuperWeb LLC. This extensive family includes programs which are similar in appearance and behavior. Search Maven claims that it can boost your searches and browsing activity. However, this is not the main functionality of this program. It is targeted at making profit from your online activity. It will display many pop-up windows for you to follow. Please, be advised that the Search Maven developers are not responsible for the reliability of the publishers. Choosing to trust this content is at your own risk. If you do not... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is an extension for online browsers. It works on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. This software is categorized as adware or a potentially unwanted program (PUP) due to the tasks it performs. will do many undesired and unauthorized changes to your PC once it penetrates in. It will display ads to you every time you access the web and change your internet settings. The advertisements generated by are aimed at acquiring your attention and getting clicks to help the creators of the app make profit. However, their... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a browser hijacker, created by SoftLayer Technologies. The program's strategy is to get you to rely on its functionality. It claims that it can improve your search results. However, will show sponsored results and display pop-up ads whose content is not proven to be legitimate. The links this program provides can be corrupted and open the door for malware to penetrate into your computer. Since it is possible to differentiate from legit and harmful links, it is best to delete to avoid taking unnecessary risks. How did get installed?... read more

ScreenGlaze Removal Guide

Screenshot ScreenGlaze is an adware application developed by Client Connect, Ltd. This tool will present itself as a helpful application which can enhance your screen and save you time. The main purpose of ScreenGlaze is connected to the ads it displays. It is an ad-supported application which depends on the number of links you follow. The program's developers profit from your disposition to open the ads it shows you. You should know that these advertisements are not created by ScreenGlaze itself, but are brought by third party affiliates who use the program's services to pass them on. It is possible... read more

Facebook News Ads Removal Guide

Screenshot If you frequently see ads flagged as “Brought to you by Facebook News ads” when you use your browser, you should know that adware has penetrated into your computer. The Facebook News ads extension is a program which is unaffiliated to the popular social network. This tool does not bring you actual news related to or distributed by the website, as the name may suggest. Instead, it is an ad-supported application which uses your activity to generate profit for the third parties behind it. The app comes from an unconfirmed source which means that it is risky to follow any content it... read more
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