Notification Helper Removal Guide

Screenshot Unable to remove Notification Helper? Follow the Notification Helper removal instructions in this article to get rid of this adware In case that you see pop-up ads on your screen when you are browsing the net and the notifications have the signature "Ads by Notification Helper" or "Powered by Notification Helper", this means your browser has been hijacked. As a result, you will experience difficulties when trying to search for information on the Internet. Moreover, you will be redirected to unknown pages all the time and you may even find it difficult to browse to the sites you are... read more

Your Personal Files Are Encrypted Removal Guide

Screenshot Is your computer locked with Your Personal Files Are Encrypted message? Follow the instructions in this article to remove Your Personal Files Are Encrypted ransomware If you see a notification on top of your Desktop telling you that Your Personal Files Are Encrypted, this means that your system is compromised with a malicious virus. Probably, you will be scared, as the warning will claim that unless you pay in the next 72 hours, your files will be permanently encrypted and you will not be able to restore them. The truth about this worrying message is that hackers have created a malicious... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a search engine, connected to hijacking activity. This platform is developed to look reliable, even resembling the design and color scheme of the Google Chrome web browser. However, does not provide reliable services as the well-known engines. This domain includes sponsored links in the results it displays. Redirects happen at random, as do the promoted ads that appear in the forms of pop-up windows, banners and in-text links. Following any unconfirmed links will forward you to can get your system... read more

First Color Removal Guide

Screenshot Do you want to remove First Color? Follow our First Color removal instructions to quickly get rid of this adware First Color is classified under adware and potentially unwanted programs (PUP). This program is one of the many deceitful shopping helper tools which offer the user services like product comparisons and coupons. You may not know this about such programs, but they do not take any account for the ads they direct you to. The product deals First Color will show you may not be legitimate. The program's only criterion for picking the ads is getting paid by their providers to show them.... read more

DiscountBomb Removal Guide

Screenshot Do you want to remove DiscountBomb? Read this article and find detailed DiscountBomb removal instructions below. DiscountBomb is an adware application which presents itself as a reliable money-saving tool. The program's featured services include freebies, bargain deals, and prizes. You may be lured in to use this tool's services, if you are not aware of its reputation. DiscountBomb is known to be chaotic in its offers, showing content from various websites without having any regard for the user's safety. The pages the program links to may not correspond to what they show in the... read more

Checked List Removal Guide

Screenshot What is Checked List? Checked List is a potentially unwanted program which is advertised as an optimizer of the user's web searches. Although the program may seem to be a reliable one, it is said to be a browser hijacker. This is why its use is not at all advised. On the contrary, if you see the program attached to your browser, make sure you remove Checked List and you also check for infiltrated infections. How is Checked List downloaded? There is a website which presents Checked List to its potential users. The address is On it there is a Start button available in case... read more

Disk Optimizer Pro Removal Guide

Screenshot What is Disk Optimizer Pro? A suspicious computer optimization tool is reported to demonstrate its work on user's computers lately and its name is Disk Optimizer Pro. This application is known to ask users to install it and use it to improve the performance of their computers. However, security specialists explain that they do not recommend using this software at all. There are numerous reasons why experts do not advise users to pay for the services of this software. This is why it is better not to download this tool or, if it is already installed, remove Disk Optimizer Pro from the system.... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot The domain is connected to a number of dubious activities. As the name hints, this site is supposed to be a platform which hands out prizes for simply filling in a short five-question survey. The site is known to often redirect to various random websites which may be of questionable origin. The domain has been proven to be a mediator for supported advertisements and dubious programs. To make its activity more effective, may be reset as your default homepage. This constitutes that the functions this website carries out are enabled through a browser... read more

Shopzy Removal Guide

Screenshot What is Shopzy Shopzy is an extension that is supposed to help you save money while shopping online. The tool is customized to attract your attention very well. The same can be said for its online platform. When you enter the program's official website, it will automatically show you a version of the site in your own language, as determined by your location. This alone is a bit telling. Shopzy's website can apparently track your IP address very quickly, in order to load the appropriate page in your country's official language. This is not the only thing that can be tracked down, though. The... read more

Adware.JS.Agent.Q Removal Guide

What is Adware.JS.Agent.Q? Adware.JS.Agent.Q is a component often found in browser hijackers. In case that you have it on your PC, this means you have a potentially unwanted program installed on your computer. In this case, you should be really careful, as such applications cause unexpected redirects to third-party sites, generate pop-up ads and notifications. The sources to which they lead may turn out to be unreliable and even belong to hackers. This is why you have to stop these insecure browsing sessions as soon as possible and remove Adware.JS.Agent.Q from the system completely. How... read more
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