CrushArcade Removal Guide

Screenshot What is CrushArcade and how to remove it? CrushArcade is marketed as a game manager and downloader. The program is only supposed to help users get free games. This is by far not the only function of this tool. CrushArcade is ad-supported which means it will show you many commercial advertisements. The program is compatible with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It will infiltrate your browser with all kinds of advertising content without asking you if you want to see ads about any kinds of products. The program is also known to collect data from your browsing sessions.... read more

Shoppilation Removal Guide

Screenshot Shoppilation is an intrusive adware program. It will flood the user's computer with all kinds of marketing content, such as product discounts, coupons, and interstitial ads. These advertisements will appear each time you use your browser. There will be many of them and the program's incessant activity will slow down your system's performance. Interrupting your normal routine will be the least of your problems, though. Shoppilation uses these ads to make revenue for its developers. Since the program is not paid to use, this is the way it makes profit for the third parties behind it. There is... read more

CinemaP Removal Guide

Screenshot CinemaP is an adware program which uses advertising content to generate revenue. It spreads supported ads once it manages to penetrate into a computer. There are several versions of CinemaP, the latest being CinemaP-1.9c. They do not differ from one another in any discernible way. All of them are characterized by the same kind of intrusive activity. The ads vary in content and many of them may be related to your recent shopping acquisitions or products you have viewed on the web. The program is able to trace your browsing activity and take notes on your searches and apparent interests. This... read more

Buzzdock Removal Guide

Screenshot What is Buzzdock and how to remove it? Adware programs have flooded the net lately. Buzzdock is just another tool from this category. Like the other applications, it is associated with numerous security problems, this is why its use is not at all recommended. On the contrary, it is advised to uninstall the tool as soon as you can to protect your system from attacks of cyber criminals and their viruses. This is why, to get rid of Buzzdock completely, you can use a removal guide suitable to your browser. What does Buzzdock do? This browser hijacker usually comes to PCs together with freeware... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a search provider which looks just like any other search engine. However, the difference between it and reliable engines is that it is also an adware provider. The tool is created to help users search for online deals, discounts and promotions. However, you have to keep in mind that this engine is connected to many third-party sites which want to increase their web traffic. To do that, they use to send visitors to them. The problem is that there is no information available for the reliability of these pages and the products they want to... read more

FlashMall Removal Guide

Screenshot What is FlashMall and how can I remove it? If you are seeing pop-ups flagged as “Ads by FlashMall” or “Brought by FlashMall”, you should know that an adware program has managed to penetrate into your system. The tool is one of the many bogus programs which offer to help you with your online shopping initiatives. The program displays product advertisements for cheap items or discounts and also offers coupons. They may seem enticing and could be related to your actual interests. FlashMall keeps track of your browsing activity and chooses the ads according to your apparent preferences.... read more

EnormouSales Removal Guide

Screenshot What is EnormouSales and how can I remove it? EnormouSales is an intrusive adware application which uses ads to attract your attention. This program is one of the many fake online shopping assistants. It shows you ads in the forms of pop-up windows and banners, containing bargain product deals and shopping coupons. The problem with this tool is that the ads it displays come from unconfirmed sources. EnormouSales does not list the name of the website associated to the corresponding ads. The program does mention its own name, though, so you will be able to tell that these advertisements are... read more

Price Fab Removal Guide

Screenshot What is Price Fab and how can I remove it? Price Fab is a browser add-on which can be found at The tool is created to assist you when you are shopping online and help you save money. If you have the tool attached to your browser, you have already noticed that to provide its services, it generates numerous ads and notifications. They pop up all over the user's browser and even impede the work of the system. The notifications are not only annoying, but they are also considered unreliable, because they can take the user to suspicious sites and pages which have unknown intentions.... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a website to which you may be accidentally redirected. The page seems to be aimed at helping users fix any security or technical problems they encounter with their computers. This includes also installing or upgrading software. However, you may have already seen similar pages to this one like, and You will immediately notice that their interface is the same, but they have different names. Without any doubt, this is really suspicious and this is just one of the numerous reasons why you should not believe in the words of these so-called... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a malicious platform, responsible for spreading all kinds of dubious software. The malicious tools which use it try to trick the users to follow ads of various content to promote software products and updates. In other words, helps promote unconfirmed programs and updates. They are offered for various purposes, from simply getting a certain program up-to-date to helping protect your virtual security. The real problem on your computer is the program which uses as a free pass to your system with the purpose of making profit from the ads it successfully... read more
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