Ads by Yula Removal Guide

Screenshot Ads by Yula is said to be a potentially unwanted program. The tool is often found attached to browsers even if the user has not intended to download it. This is why it is known as a browser hijacker and its services are said to pose a risk to the security of your information and system. In case that you notice this add-on on your browser, make sure you remove it as soon as possible. This is what computer experts advise you to do in order to protect your computer and details from attacks of hackers and their viruses. read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a web site associated with a program developed to help people make a profit. The tool gives you the opportunity to recommend products to your friends and for every approved recommendation you are paid money. The problem is that this adware provider displays pop-up ads and banners which can redirect you to unreliable third-party sites and pages with an unknown reputation. This poses a serious risk to your security and this is the reason why it is advised to remove hijacker completely from your computer and stop using its services. read more

HQ-Video Removal Guide

Screenshot HQ-Video is a browser hijacker known to be installed on browsers without informing the users about its intentions to promote products available at third-party web sites. The tool is attached to browsers immediately and changes their settings without any delay. As a result, the program controls all browsing sessions of the user. This is not considered secure, because the user can be redirected to unknown web sites with an unreliable reputation and unknown intentions. Because of the problems that can be caused when using HQ-Video hijacker, it is recommended that you remove the potentially... read more

ICE Cyber Crime Center Virus Removal Guide

Screenshot The ICE Cyber Crime Center Virus is a ransomware infection which is reported to use tricks to scare PC users into paying for unlocking their computers. The intruder paralyzes the whole system and makes it impossible to be removed or deactivated. Security specialists warn that the aim of the attacker is to steal your money and personal details. This is why you have to protect your information and remove the infection as soon as possible, before it has managed to gain access to your details and take them. read more

Arcade Frontier Removal Guide

Screenshot Arcade Frontier is a browser hijacker which is usually transferred to computers when you try to play online games from Premium Games. The add-on is a potentially unwanted program and it often comes without being noticed by the users. However, it is immediately attached to the user's browser and takes full control over its browsing sessions. This may result in making your system vulnerable to attacks of cyber criminals and their viruses. This is why you are advised to remove the new browser extension and replace it with a reliable search provider. read more

AppToU Removal Guide

Screenshot AppToU is attached to the browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox usually after having been downloaded to computers together with other software. The tool makes numerous changes to your browser's settings and as a result becomes your default search provider. However, the redirects caused by this potentially unwanted program are reported to be insecure and to take PC users to unreliable and unknown web pages. Because of the risks that these sites may hide, it is recommended that you remove AppToU hijacker as soon as possible and stop the tricky and undesired redirects.... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is an aware tool aimed at providing advertisements and redirecting you to third-party online shops. The tool is also known as a browser hijacker. This is why its presence on your computer and its use are undesired. Instead, when you see this potentially unwanted program on your PC, you have to remove it before it has caused redirects to unreliable sites. The adware provider is usually attached to browsers without having been downloaded by the computer user. The tool comes bundled with freeware software and is transferred from unreliable or unknown... read more

Nymaim Trojan Removal Guide

Screenshot Nymaim ransomware infection is a harmful computer attacker which you have to remove immediately from the PC in case that it has been noticed. The virus is known to be aimed at stealing your money and personal information. The tool is known to be developed by cyber criminals and to give hackers free access to your system without your permission. In order to protect your PC from hackers and their harmful attacks, remove Nymaim ransomware infection. Nymaim virus uses the same malicious tricks as other ransomware intruders. The infection is spread with the help of compromised web links and... read more

YoTuberAAdesRemOv Removal Guide

YoTuberAAdesRemOv is a computer program you are advised not to keep on your PC. This application may seem to provide benefits, but, in fact, also floods your browser with pop-up ads and notifications. In this way, you may be redirected to third-party pages that hide compromised files and infections. Although YoTuberAAdesRemOv is not a computer infection, the services it provides pose a serious risk to your security. Because of this, it is recommended that you remove YoTuberAAdesRemOv add-on as soon as possible from your PC. YoTuberAAdesRemOv can be downloaded to stop your YouTube ads.... read more

AMMYY Scam Removal Guide

Screenshot AMMYY is a program that can be considered useful on the one hand and tricky on the other. This application gives you access to a remote PC. However, there is a major problem with this tool. The application is vulnerable to third-parties' actions. This is why it can pose a serious risk to your computer’s security even though it is not a PC infection itself. The program AMMYY provides its users with access to remote computers. This is a useful option in case that you need to access your computer at home remotely, for example, or you need to find some information on your PC at work when... read more
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