iLivid Virus Removal Guide

Screenshot The iLivid virus is a common infection, often spread directly through the website. This source offers a few extensions which are advertised as tools for enhancing your media downloads. The iLivid toolbar which is often offered to users is such a program. It can be referred to as a browser hijacker, as it is capable of altering your settings upon installation. It runs on all internet browsers. The iLivid virus is presented as a helpful extension to trick users. If you enter its official website, you will see adverts, promoting a “Free Download Manager” which this tool is said... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot The browser hijacker affects your online activities and alters your internet options. Once this program slithers into your system, it changes your preferred settings and starts bombarding you with pop-ups and ads. This happens all the time while you use your browser and will likely disrupt your normal routine. Furthermore, the content displayed is not reliable, as it is not checked by the app's developers. The only way to put a halt to this influx of advertisements and restore your previous browser's settings is to delete from your system. How did... read more

Poweliks Removal Tool

The Poweliks trojan is a dangerous software which can cause a lot of damage to your computer. This is a harmful Trojan also known as Win32/Poweliks.A or Trojan.Poweliks. Once inside your PC, it will be able to download and install other malicious software that can severely compromise your system. If there has previously been an infection on your computer which left files behind, this Trojan will let it back in. It poses many threats to your PC and you will need to find an appropriate Poweliks removal tool to delete all possible infections, as manual removal is not recommended. Once you spot... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot belongs to the Websearch family. All programs created by this developer function in the same manner and can be identified by the “Websearch” name which they share. The hijacker will trick you into giving your permission for its installation and will then start modifying your browser's settings. The program changes your default search engine and homepage and disturbs you with constant ads every time you use your browser. These advertisements do not belong to the extension itself, but are just distributed by it. For this reason, there is... read more

TheaterMax Removal Guide

Screenshot TheaterMax is one of the many applications developed by the Crossrider framework. TheaterMax functions similarly to other adware of this family, such as PlusTotal and BrowserAppsPlus. The objective of these programs is to display pop-ups and advertisements provided by third parties. The ads you will see are not selected by TheaterMax and their security is not guaranteed by the application. There is a risk that these links are corrupted and can let malware into your system. Our advise is never to follow any of them and delete TheaterMax to keep your system secure. How did TheaterMax get... read more

OptCon Removal Guide

Screenshot OptCon can be categorized as an adware application. It is a program which poses as a reliable tool that can help you find products at low prices and make your online shopping easier. The truth about the ads OptCon displays is that they come from a variety of sources which have not gone through a security check. Some ads may seem genuine, but any of them can be a potential threat. Following them can get your computer infected with malware. We advise you to get rid of any content provided by OptCon to keep your PC's security intact. To prevent the negative effect from having the program... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a browser hijacker which causes all kinds of chaos upon entering your system. The program is developed to make changes to your internet preferences upon installation and start bombarding you with pop-ups and advertisements. Using your browser becomes not only inconvenient, but also dangerous, as the ads displayed can be hazardous. They derive from various unconfirmed sources and can help spread malware. None of the functions performs are useful for your PC. The tasks are harmful and the program has to be uninstalled to cease any activity. How does read more Ads Removal Guide

Screenshot is an adware application which you can easily detect on your PC. Once it penetrates into your system, it starts displaying pop-ups on your screen each time you attempt to use your browser. All the adds are flagged as “Brought to you by”, which makes identifying their source easy. This will help you find out that ads are the cause for the incessant windows appearing. You should by no means pay attention to them or trust their content, as there is no real help the program can provide you with. There are many risks, however, and... read more

NewYTadBlocker Ads Removal Guide

Screenshot NewYTadBlocker ads use an intrusive marketing strategy. Once the extension is installed to your PC, your system starts getting bombarded with various pop-ups. NewYTadBlocker functions as a typical adware application and carries the risks that other such programs do. The ads that appear are not confirmed to be secure and it is dangerous to click on them. There is no point in keeping the program installed. We recommend that you remove NewYTadBlocker ads immediately after they have started appearing on your screen. How does NewYTadBlocker enter the system? The program is installed upon your... read more

FoTest Ads Removal Guide

Screenshot FoTest is an adware program which is presented as a reliable tool that can help you find products at low prices and assist in your online shopping. The application displays ads and pop-up windows each time you open your browser. You should know that these ads are not sought by the program itself. They are submitted by third parties and do not go through a security check beforehand. These sites may not be safe. If you do not wish to risk compromising your system, you should uninstall FoTest as soon as you detect its presence. How do FoTest ads gain access to my computer? The FoTest ads can... read more
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