Ads Removal Guide

Screenshot is an adware application which you can easily detect on your PC. Once it penetrates into your system, it starts displaying pop-ups on your screen each time you attempt to use your browser. All the adds are flagged as “Brought to you by”, which makes identifying their source easy. This will help you find out that ads are the cause for the incessant windows appearing. You should by no means pay attention to them or trust their content, as there is no real help the program can provide you with. There are many risks, however, and... read more

NewYTadBlocker Ads Removal Guide

Screenshot NewYTadBlocker ads use an intrusive marketing strategy. Once the extension is installed to your PC, your system starts getting bombarded with various pop-ups. NewYTadBlocker functions as a typical adware application and carries the risks that other such programs do. The ads that appear are not confirmed to be secure and it is dangerous to click on them. There is no point in keeping the program installed. We recommend that you remove NewYTadBlocker ads immediately after they have started appearing on your screen. How does NewYTadBlocker enter the system? The program is installed upon your... read more

FoTest Ads Removal Guide

Screenshot FoTest is an adware program which is presented as a reliable tool that can help you find products at low prices and assist in your online shopping. The application displays ads and pop-up windows each time you open your browser. You should know that these ads are not sought by the program itself. They are submitted by third parties and do not go through a security check beforehand. These sites may not be safe. If you do not wish to risk compromising your system, you should uninstall FoTest as soon as you detect its presence. How do FoTest ads gain access to my computer? The FoTest ads can... read more

DollarSaver Removal Guide

Screenshot DollarSaver is a program which presents itself as a reliable tool that can help you with your online shopping. The application displays advertisements for various products at low prices and can offer coupons which should further reduce your costs. However, the reliability of these ads and offers is not guaranteed. The developers of DollarSaver do not choose the adverts themselves and take no responsibility for their legitimacy. For this reason, the app is often referred to as a potentially unwanted program (PUP, for short). There are risks involved in using DollarSaver which you may prefer... read more

Storm Alert Removal Guide

Screenshot Storm Alert is an application which is promoted as a tool to warn about bad weather conditions. It works on the three most common internet browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. While this tool may be advertised as a helpful application, its activity categorizes it as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Apart from the services it is said to provide, Storm Alert displays various ads from different sources. The developers of the application are not responsible for the sources of these pop-ups and advertisements or their security. If you do not wish to take the... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a browser hijacker. The program makes changes to your preferred internet settings upon being installed. For starters, it changes your homepage to Keep in mind that this website is a legitimate search engine and not a corrupted web source. The danger of using this as your homepage derives from the means of distribution it uses to initially enter your computer and the links it displays once installed. The sources directs to are not proven to be safe and the hijacker may not have entered your computer on its own. How does... read more

Discount Locator Removal Guide

Screenshot Discount Locator can be filed under adware and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs, for short). This application introduces itself as a tool which offers bargain deals and coupons to assist you in your online shopping experience. Once installed to your PC, the program starts displaying many adverts which appear to be genuine offers and discounts. However, there are third parties behind these ads and Discount Locator is not responsible for their content. Following these ads is not recommended. We advise you to remove this adware to cease the flow of unreliable material through your browser.... read more

Tuneup Pro Removal Guide

Screenshot Tuneup Pro is an application developed to look like a reliable tool which can improve your system's performance. The program claims that it can remove files which hinder your PC from working to its full potential. There is no merit to this claim, however, as Tuneup Pro does not have the ability to locate and remove any system errors or unnecessary files. Regarding the actual functions this software carries out, it can fall under the category of potentially unwanted programs (or PUP) due to its lack of beneficial services. While it does no harm to your computer, it cannot really be of help... read more

Unisales Removal Guide

Screenshot Unisales is an adware application, created by the developers of JustPlugIt. The program is presented as a reliable tool to help optimize your online shopping experience. You should know that the ads this app displays have not been proven to be safe. Some of them could lead to malware infections or redirect to third party websites. The incessant pop-up windows and advertisements are likely to disrupt your normal browsing sessions and pose a threat to your system's security. The only way to rid your system of these ads is to delete Unisales from your system. How does Unisales enter your... read more

CrossBrowser Removal Guide

Screenshot CrossBrowser is a potentially unwanted program (PUP), created by the developers of Claralabsoftware. Once it has entered your system, it starts making all kinds of changes to your internet-related settings and may start displaying ads on your browser. This extension functions similar to BoBrowser which is another well-known PUP. While the program itself is not a virus, its activity can disturb your browsing habits and delete your original settings. The ads it displays are a threat, as they derive from various web sources with questionable reputation. To restore your original settings and... read more
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