Remove Crypt0L0cker and Restore the Encrypted Files

Screenshot Crypt0L0cker is a ransomware program which locks your files upon penetrating your PC. It targets all kinds of documents, photos, programs, audio and video files, leaving only the files that are necessary for the Windows operation system to run normally. All infected files will be given a .encrypted suffix to their extension. The win-locker requests that the user pays a sum to get his access back. It displays a warning message on your desktop with big red letters. There will be two files that give instructions on how to complete the transaction needed to decrypt your data. A text document... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a malicious website, used by browser hijackers that look to penetrate your system. All reputable antivirus programs block this website. A warning message is shown, stating that cyber criminals making use of this domain may steal your data through it. To be more precise about, we can categorize it as a hijacker website. According to the analysis of security experts and programs, the malicious domain is mainly used for stealing confidential data. You may have your passwords, financial account details and all kinds of personally identifiable data entered into your... read more

EpsanDrive Removal Guide

Screenshot EpsanDrive is an add-on, compatible with all internet browsers. This program's activity may not be too obvious, until you start observing it by yourself. The app does not provide any description of its slated tasks, so you need to draw your own conclusions. You will surely notice an ad flow coming your way after EpsanDrive gets installed. You may not realize that this particular program is running on your system, since it tends to enter subtly. Upon closer evaluation, you will see that the add-on is used for advertising. There will be countless advertisements popping up on your screen each... read more

BlockerU Removal Guide

Screenshot Unable to remove BlockerU? This page contains newest BlockerU removal instructions! BlockerU falls under the adware category. This program is presented as a security tool, devised to help you keep your children safe on the web. It gets installed as an extension to your browser. BlockerU is developed to be compatible with all widely used web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. If this extension is currently installed to your system, you will see that its activity involves other tasks than the advertised security feature. The program supports... read more

Coupon Chaser Removal Guide

Screenshot An adware program which presents itself as a reliable tool, Coupon Chaser will offer you coupons and price discounts on shopping websites. This sounds really good on paper, but in reality it is just too good to be true. The program is not considered reliable because these offers often turn up to be fake. Each ad is a link to a supposed bargain deal. None of the offers is related to the entity behind Coupon Chaser. This browser plugin is used just for directing people to offers from other sources. Whether or not they are reliable is a question that remains unanswered. The program makes no... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot fThe browser Diglo can be found at If you go to this website, you will see that the browser is advertised as a reliable and really effective one, in fact, better than all the well-known and widely used browsers. However, it is reported by security specialists that this browser is not at all safe for use, as it comes with numerous pop-up ads and notifications. This is due to the fact that the browser is connected to many third-party sites which want to promote their services and products and attract more users. It is not advised to replace your browser with this one,... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a page which offers you new ways to "improve your savings account". The page contains articles on different topics, including loans, mortgages, investments, vacation destinations, etc. The site also has its own search bar which is claimed to be a "Google custom search". Helpful as this website may seem, security specialists report it is associated with ads and notifications from third-party websites. This may lead to infiltration of unreliable programs or even computer viruses into the user's PC. Because you have to protect your PC from attacks of cyber criminals and you... read more

FF Tasker Removal Guide

Screenshot FF Tasker is a plugin for Mozilla Firefox. The program is compatible only to this browser and is thus developed to function efficiently on it. Its selling point is improving your overall browsing experience. The tasks the tool carries out may not necessarily seem beneficial, though. The plugin does two basic things. It displays promotional offerings for various products and opens audio ads. You should know that FF Tasker is in no way associated to the supposed online traders who are behind these ads. The tool is used to forward these ads to the end user for which it gets paid on a per-click... read more

EnhanceSoft Removal Guide

Screenshot EnhanceSoft can be categorized as adware or a potentially unwanted program (PUP). This tool is a product of SuperWeb LLC. The program is advertised as a browsing optimizer, but the truth behind it is that it only works in favor of its creators. The developers of EnhanceSoft use advertising to make profit through the user's activity. The PUP supports advertising content in the forms of pop-ups, interstitial ads, in-text links, and banners. When referring to ads as supported, this means that the program which forwards the ad windows is not the entity which possesses the websites they link to.... read more

DestrozaVirusUsb Removal Guide

Screenshot DestrozaVirusUsb is a potentially unwanted program (PUP). This tool is presented as a program which prevents USB infections. It is targeted at Hispanic users, as its interface is entirely in Spanish. The program is supposed to safeguard your system from infections brought by external sources. However, research has shown that DestrozaVirusUsb cannot protect your PC from any actual threats. The program is not useful, nor is it considered reliable. Besides all, its activity is associated to promoted advertisements. DestrozaVirusUsb can penetrate into Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet... read more
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