BetterBrowse Removal Guide

Screenshot BetterBrowse is one of the many compact programs out there which offer to help you with your online shopping initiatives. This tool will show you ads for many low-priced products and offer you coupons. While this may seem helpful at first, you will soon discover that these ads appear too frequently and cannot be stopped from popping up. There is also the possibility that they will not be legit and redirect you to compromised websites. This can lead to encountering malware infections. Another issue which will not be obvious is the data tracking BetterBrowse carries out. Again, there is no... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a page which offers seemingly convenient service. It has been developed by Visicom Media, Inc. The site functions as a search engine and includes links to popular websites. It also has its own All My Web toolbar. However, this extension is considered a browser hijacker. Both the toolbar and the site itself tend to perform more unwanted tasks than helpful ones. The results generated by the search engine are identical to those, provided by Yahoo. will bombard you with a flux of supported advertisements. There is no input on who the ad providers are and whether... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a domain known for being linked to undesired activity. This site will be featured in its own toolbar with the help of a browser hijacker. A variety of issues will arise from its presence. The most obvious problem are the pop-ups which you will encounter each time you open your browser. They are meant to get you to click on various ads which is profit for the third parties responsible for hijacking your machine. Since these advertisements are not proven to be safe, it is not advised to follow them. You will also see that your internet settings have been modified. This should... read more

Boby Zoom Removal Guide

Screenshot Boby Zoom is another potentially unwanted program found on numerous users' browsers. Although the tool wants to convince its users in its reliability, it turns out that this program is a browser hijacker and it can cause problems if present on a user's computer. This is why it is better not to use its services. Instead of keeping this hijacker installed on your PC, remove Boby Zoom completely from the system. How can you download Boby Zoom to your PC? The program Boby Zoom has its own website at Although you can see a download link on it, it is not active. This is why it is... read more

Gameo Removal Guide

Screenshot Gameo is a website which allows access to numerous online games. If you are a fan of games and you are looking for your new favorite title, this may seem as the right place for you. At its website,, you will find games divided in different categories. There, you will see some of the most popular games at the moment and will be able to watch their teasers or even try the games. In case that you want to download the Gameo app, you ca follow the link provided on the site. There are download buttons available either for Windows OS, or Android devices. However, in case that you... read more

Ads by External Source Removal Guide

Screenshot Ads by External Source is categorized as a browser hijacker and usually when you have it attached to your browser you will experience numerous problems while browsing the net. If not else, you cannot miss the numerous ads produced by the hijacker which will flood your browser. Moreover, it is hard to avoid being redirected by the application to unknown and insecure websites. All of these problems make the add-on a potentially unwanted program and this is why users recommend that you remove Ads by External Source from your system as soon as you can. How is Ads by External Source transferred... read more

Finding Discounts Ads Removal Guide

Screenshot Finding Discounts ads are generated by an intrusive adware tool which does not necessarily display reliable content. Finding Discounts is not an independent application which uses its own platform or domain to help you with your online shopping. It links advertisements from various sites without checking them for their security. This means that it is likely to get infected with malware by opening one of these pop-up windows. Besides letting in potential threats, Finding Discounts is also known to keep track of your browsing activity and collect data from your internet history and account... read more

Web Waltz Removal Guide

Screenshot Web Waltz is categorized as adware. It is a typical ad-supported application which makes use of third party content to make profit for its developers. It has been developed by SuperWeb, LLC. The Web Waltz ads will appear every time you launch your browser and get placed amid the free space of different websites. Their primary target is shopping platforms, as the app itself displays advertisements directed towards online product deals. The websites they appear on are in no way affiliated to Web Waltz. The reason you see them is because the program is keen on latching itself onto web pages.... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a website, containing pornographic content. Like many such websites, it is connected to insecure activity. The domain has been associated to browser hijackers who seek to penetrate into your system. The results from this hazardous activity can be severe, including theft. By hacking your system, the malicious software can record your personal data and use it to steal from your accounts. You can also be taken to unsafe web pages, as has been known to cause redirects to various domains, many of which are compromised. If you wish to avoid the risks of malware and... read more

Ace Race Removal Guide

Screenshot Ace Race is an adware application, developed by SuperWeb, LLC. This tool's purpose is to make you believe it can help you improve your internet browsing and find good product deals on the web. The program works on all internet browsers and is likely to be installed to all of them as an extension or ad-on once it gets into your system. There is no way to control or limit the ad flow from Ace Race. While this may be a functional problem that slows down your computer and distracts you from carrying out your work on your PC, this is by far not the biggest issue. The more severe problem is the... read more
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