Wooden Seal Removal Guide

Screenshot Wooden Seal is adware, disguised behind a lucrative marketing concept. The program is developed by SuperWeb, LLC. Its purpose is to show cheap product deals and offer coupons for shopping at online platforms. How many of these ads and discounts are legitimate is a question that is not answered. It is common for adware applications to link to any paying ad providers, regardless whether their websites are malware-free or not. Wooden Seal does not do a security check of the content it forwards to users. Additionally, the tool uses data from your browsing sessions to supposedly optimize its... read more

Air Globe Removal Guide

Screenshot Air Globe belongs to the adware and potentially unwanted program (PUP) categories. This tool is devised to display ads through your browser to attract your attention. It works on the most widely spread internet browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The program's selling point is that it can help people find bargain deals on the web. Air Globe displays ads about various products and offers online shopping coupons. This is a marketing strategy that is aimed at convincing users the program's services are legitimate. You should not be tricked into believing the... read more

Vafsearch.com Removal Guide

Screenshot Vafsearch.com is a website usually seen along with browser hijackers. In case that you notice it when you launch your browser, know that there is probably a potentially unwanted program attached to the browser. This tool is the cause for the presence of the website Vafsearch.com. The page claims to be a reliable search provider, but the truth is that it is aimed at providing ads and banners. Moreover, currently you can see nothing else, but a smiley face on the page. This makes users ask themselves if the site has anything to do with effective search providers at all. What security... read more

Antivirus PRO 2015 Removal Guide

Screenshot Antivirus PRO 2015 is a fake AV program which tricks user into believing it is a reputable security scanner. Although the tool indeed looks similar to well-known AV programs, security specialists warn PC users that this is just another harmful attacker which is waiting to steal their money and sensitive information. This is why, in case that this infection is present on your computer, you have to remove Antivirus PRO 2015 as soon as you can. You should also check the whole system for infected files and other downloaded viruses and remove any present threats completely. How is Antivirus PRO... read more

Security Defender PRO 2015 Removal Guide

Screenshot Security Defender PRO 2015 is a rogue fake antivirus program. This mischievous tool will try to convince you that your system is infected with malware and fool you into buying its full version. Security Defender PRO 2015 will claim that it is a reliable antivirus program which can help you solve your computer issues. It will conduct daily scans which will all return very bad results. There will be a whole bunch of viruses listed in the scan results. Do not believe the results from this program. It is purposely developed to scare you that your system is flooded with infections, so that you... read more

Pcfixed247.com Removal Guide

Screenshot Pcfixed247.com is an online platform which promotes technical computer-related services. This website is designed to appear legitimate, but the truth is that it is used by adware as a gateway to penetrate into your system. With the help of the site, content will pop up while you browse the web without warning and you will face a long line of advertisements. The ads mediated by Pcfixed247.com can either pertain to the maintenance assistance the platform offers or advertise products and services from third parties. The website's developers do not take responsibility for the sources of the... read more

LyricsFan Removal Guide

Screenshot LyricsFan is an adware application which is presented as a helpful tool. Hence its name, it is used to search for song texts. The reason why its reputation is under question is because the program does not limit its activities to the service it offers. LyricsFan has been known to display advertisements from a variety of sources, redirect to various web pages and offer software installations. The plugin will likely be installed as a browser helper object (BHO). Upon installation, its default settings will allow it to automatically perform certain tasks per schedule. While the program's work... read more

BrowserPro Removal Guide

Screenshot If you are seeing ads, flagged as “Brought to you by BrowserPro”, “Ads by BrowserPro”, or a similar phrase, then you have run into a potentially unwanted program (PUP). BrowserPro is developed to get people's attention through advertising cheap items and offering coupons. You will see these offers in the form of pop-ups, banners, in-text links and embedded windows inside web pages. Naturally, you are most likely to encounter them at online shopping sites. Take note that they can appear on reliable platforms such as Amazon and eBay. You may be tricked into following a corrupted ad... read more

AdGazelle Removal Guide

Screenshot AdGazelle is a program developed by Popajar, Inc. It integrates a software advertising website which is presented as a platform which can provide you with information regarding helpful software tools. Due to the way the AdGazelle goes about with its activity, many have dubbed it a potentially unwanted program (PUP). The tool is accustomed to display many ads to your computer once it gains access without asking if you are interested. There is no control over the ad flow, so you are stuck with them while the program is active. AdGazelle is also known to keep track of your data and use it to... read more

LowPrices Ads Removal Guide

Screenshot Ads by LowPrices ads are often seen on hijacked browsers. The tool is said to be a hijacker, because it usually downloads itself to PCs without being seen and then attaches itself to the used browsers. As a result, it takes full control over the user's browsing sessions and all web searches. It does not provide only reliable and secure notifications, but also tricky messages, some of which may even belong to malicious websites. As a result of the downloads caused by the tool, the user's computer may be attacked by viruses and the user's personal and financial information may be stolen. This... read more
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