Desktop Search Removal

Screenshot Desktop Search is a tool which offers to help you facilitate your searches by conducting them directly from your desktop. It is marketed as a convenient plugin which you can use on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. However, the program carries out activities which are not part of its promoted services and which may be risky for your system's security. Desktop Search displays commercial ads in the forms of coupons, price comparisons, discounts, and other enticing promotional offers. It can also observe your activity on the web. Due to these functions, the software is... read more

Deals Cabin Removal

Screenshot Deals Cabin is an adware program which offers bargain deals on the web. The tool is mostly directed at finding discounts. The offers are made either through coupons or by a percentile discount. The products Deals Cabin offers are of wide range. The most featured categories are technological gadgets, cosmetics and fashion accessories. Deals Cabin has offers up on its website and the ones you see directly displayed to your screen will be much like them. The adware shows its ads on top of all your browser windows without asking for your permission to display any content. Deals Cabin uses third... read more

NavRight Removal

Screenshot NavRight is another browser hijacker and in case it has gained access to your browser, you will notice its presence immediately. The extension generates manu pop-up ads and notifications. As a result of them being displayed, there is a constant risk for the user of being taken to unknown websites and third-party pages full with compromised files or even computer viruses and harmful system attackers. In case that you notice such popping up ads, it is really important to get rid of these ads and notifications, as well as stop the unwanted redirects to third-party sites. To do that, you will... read more

4Shared Removal

Screenshot 4Shared is an adware program, associated to a file sharing site. The program is not marketed on the website, though. The platform is developed for file sharing purposes. Nothing is mentioned about a program, associated to this platform. However, there is such an application which distributes advertising content. You will see ads, flagged with 4Shared's name, indicating its existence. They will offer you various shopping discounts and bargain deals which you may find tempting. The problem is that none of them are guaranteed to be legitimate. Adware tools do not take the user's... read more

1-888-834-1353 Removal

Screenshot 1-888-834-1353 is a bogus PC help hot line. You will see fake security messages, stating that your computer is at a risk. The security warnings will be displayed to convince you that you need to take measures. The hot line will be offered as a solution to your problems. You will supposedly receive technical support over the phone for free. Please, be warned that there is no merit to this statement. The real purpose of the pop-up alerts is to get you to contact an illegitimate technical support agent. The person you will talk to will provide no real help, but he may try to swindle you into... read more

StormWarnings Removal

Screenshot StormWarnings is a potentially unwanted program (PUP). This tool offers up-to-date weather forecasts. It will inform you about any current or expected severe weather conditions in a certain region, like heavy rainfalls, blizzards, strong winds, and the like. This service may be very useful, especially if you are planning to travel or hike. However, you should know that StormWarnings also carries out other activities. The tool displays shopping advertisements. You will see all kinds of promotional content in the forms of discounts, coupons, interstitial ads, in-text links, etc. Do not be... read more

MovieDea Removal

Screenshot MovieDea is an adware program which will present itself as a reliable tool. It has a simple, seemingly helpful functionality. The tool is offered to movie enthusiasts for looking up information on their favorite films and series, as well as finding other suitable movies according to their taste. However, MovieDea will conduct other, undesired activities along with its main task. The adware will show you commercial advertisements for various items. You will be overwhelmed by an influx of pop-up and pop-under windows, banners, coupons, interstitial ads, and others. There will be numerous... read more

Daddy Browser Champion Removal

Screenshot Daddy Browser Champion is an adware program which offers to enhance your searches. It is not clearly stated what kinds of improvements it makes and how they can help you in finding what you are looking for. If the tool is active on your OS, you will see many advertisements for commercial goods. The adware designs its ad windows to look appealing and genuine. They may appear to be legitimate offers, such as those you would find in established online shopping platforms. Daddy Browser Champion does not disclose the source sites of the offered deals. Following any pop-up, banner or other... read more

Cooking up Coupons Removal

Screenshot Cooking up Coupons is an adware application. It poses as a shopping helper, displaying banner and pop-up ads. As its name suggests, it is focused on offering coupons for discounts in online shopping. The program will show you other shopping deals, as well. The service it promotes is finding bargain product deals on the web. Each ad window will be presented as a promotional offer which you can greatly benefit from. Cooking up Coupons gets installed as an extension to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. All of your browsers will be affected once the tool infiltrates your... read more

MyPriceCut Removal

Screenshot MyPriceCut is an adware program which tries to trick users into believing it can help them find bargain shopping deals on the web. It will show you all kinds of product offerings in various types of ads, like discounts, coupons, promotions, auctions, banners, and others. Although the advertisements will show you different kinds of deals, the way they are picked is the same. MyPriceCut takes them from third party sources. The program's developers get paid to display the content of these providers. Each ad the user follows brings them honorary payment. This collaboration is beneficial for... read more
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