Loztol.info Removal Guide

Screenshot Loztol.info is an unreliable website which promotes bogus software updates. The platform is developed by an entity called Installium Ltd. Although the website has a privacy policy which discloses the company behind it and lists the specifications about Loztol.info, it is not considered a reliable software portal. This platform is used to distribute third party software. You will be told that you are upgrading a program on your computer, but in reality you will be installing a completely unrelated component. Different tools can use Loztol.info to gain access to your system. By accepting an... read more

Web Result Removal Guide

Screenshot Web Result is a browser extension which offers its services aimed at improving the quality of the search results offered to users. The tool has its own website at webresultapp.com. There, you will see a download button, but you will soon find out it is not active. In fact, you are not able to download the tool from its official website. The only way to get it is via freeware downloads and bundled packages. This makes the whole program a suspicious one. It is reported that this tool may pose a risk to the security of the user's documents and sensitive information. This is why the removal of... read more

ActiveDeals Removal Guide

Screenshot ActiveDeals is an adware application. This program is a typical example of a fake online shopping helper. The tool offers discounts, coupons, comparison advertising and other similar services. These ads will appear at random during your browsing sessions and will be abundant on shopping websites. ActiveDeals can monitor your activity on the web and relate the content it displays to your interests. This is done to find more relevant adverts according to your apparent fields of interest, but do not be fooled that it is for your convenience. The services of ActiveDeals are not considered... read more

Newer Version Removal Guide

Screenshot Newer Version is a shopping helper developed by SuperWeb, LLC. The program offers product advertisements, coupons, and comparison advertising through pop-up windows, banners and in-text links. A seemingly helpful function at first glance, this service initiates automatically without you entering your shopping queries. Newer Version shows advertisements at random during your browsing sessions and is especially active while you visit shopping websites. This is a sign that Newer Version can monitor your online activity. The program can keep track of your sessions and store the data you have... read more

Dragon Branch Removal Guide

Screenshot Unable to remove Dragon Branch? Here you can find detailed Dragon Branch removal instructions! Dragon Branch is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) which uses an enticing advertising strategy to lure people into using its services. Once installed, the tool becomes a part of your browser's regular features. Dragon Branch will be added as an extension and work constantly to look for ads whether you are interested or not. Whenever you launch Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, you will encounter ads by Dragon Branch. The program follows you through your browsing sessions and... read more

Websearch.goodforsearch.info Removal Guide

Screenshot Websearch.goodforsearch.info is an unreliable search engine which is used by malicious hijackers to take control of your web browser and start performing all kinds of changes without your approval. The website is camouflaged to resemble the logo of Google Chrome. It is by no means related to this web browser. Also, it does not function only on it. It can work on Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well. The search results this engine displays cannot be trusted. Websearch.goodforsearch.info supports sponsored content for which its developers make profit. The programs which use this... read more

Okayfreedom Removal Guide

Screenshot Okayfreedom is a program which offers VPN (virtual private network) services, such as accessing blocked websites and anonymous browsing mode. The program is developed to look reliable and represented well on the web. Its website, okayfreedom.com, explains its functions and the ways to acquire it. Okayfreedom is said to be available in 12 countries, though only 11 national flags are listed. The website is available in English, German and Japanese. The problems which have been associated with this software are unwanted advertising content and data tracking. For this reason, Okayfreedom is... read more

Jamenize.com Removal Guide

Screenshot Jamenize.com is an alternative search engine which is supposed to enhance your browsing experience. It features the same tabs like other search providers and an extra games tab. Nothing seems to be apparently wrong with this search engine at first glance. However, it has been discovered that the results it displays are not really optimized in any way. The only difference from the well known search providers is that Jamenize.com includes sponsored results. This is not a feature, but rather an advertising strategy. Supported content is not well regarded, as it may be linked to third parties... read more

Down1oad.org Removal Guide

Screenshot Down1oad.org is a platform used for advertising a piece of software simply known as Error Repair Tool. The developer of this tool is said to be RegCure Pro. There is no other information about this entity besides its name, though. The program is said to be able to optimize your computer's performance and speed, as well as to protect it from malware. Researchers have found out that this software has adware functionality. Once being installed, it will be able to display ads during your browsing sessions without being asked to. The website has no ownership of the software it promotes and is... read more

Search.golliver.com Removal Guide

Screenshot Search.golliver.com is a page on which you will see a search bar and some additional tabs you can use to search for images, videos, maps, news, books or to reach your Gmail account. However, if you click on any of these links, you will be taken to Google. This clearly shows that Search.golliver.com does not have its own search engine, but uses the search results provided by the well-known and reputable provider Google. Of course, we have to ask ourselves what the use of keeping this website is. The only aim with which the page is created is to promote third-party products and pages. This is... read more
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