WebCheck Removal Guide

Screenshot The official website of WebCheck claims to protect your system against phishing scams and private data thieves when browsing the web, however, the truth about the application turns out to be quite different. The download link on its homepage webcheck1.com is active, but the program can also be offered to you after activating a bundled installer. In case you don't want to bother about having to delete the WebCheck related software, you should install it from its official website only. In any case, this program is not considered as beneficial for you, thus its presence on your system is not... read more

ShopNDrop Removal Guide

Screenshot ShopNDrop is a typical adware application which usually infiltrates your PC bundled with other potentially unwanted programs. In many cases, you probably install the app accidentally, while setting up some other program on your system. Even though ShopNDrop is not considered as a dangerous computer infection, it appears to be completely useless application which should not be kept on your PC. You should also scan your system for any identical infections because ShopNDrop usually does not travel alone. ShopNDrop is a semi-random name adware application which comes from one and the same... read more

Screentool Removal Guide

Screenshot Screentool is another questionable program which malware specialists do not recommend being used. Even though that it is not categorized as a dangerous one, the activity of the application is rather suspicious. The experts suggest Screentool to be removed as an advertising-supported program due to its ability to promote shopping deals and other commercials. In case you find the removal of the application too difficult, you can check out the instructions bellow this article. According to the malware specialists, Screentool never intended to be a reputable and reliable program. The first... read more

Nana10 Removal Guide

Screenshot Despite the fact that the experts have categorized Nana10 as a potentially unwanted program, computer users consider it as a browser hijacker. The application functions as a toolbar, but as it appears to be a potential security threat, you'd better remove it from your system as soon as possible. Besides, you have to be aware that Nana10 does not travel alone, thus you should also check whether there are any other similar programs running on your computer and erase them all. Nana10 comes from the Conduit family of browser toolbars. In fact, it is not a real computer infection, nor it is a... read more

Surf Safely Removal Guide

Screenshot Surf Safely has been presented as a useful add-on which tries to optimize your Internet security by blocking the potentially unwanted and malicious programs. However, instead of protecting your PC, you will suffer the adverse behavior which will probably cause you some serious problems. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to uninstall Surf Safely from your computer right away. Be aware that the application usually enters your system with other unwanted programs, thus you have to make sure that you have eliminated them along with Surf Safely. A reliable anymalware tool will scan your PC... read more

SaveMass Removal Guide

Screenshot SaveMass is claimed to provide you with the best deals and offers on the web. The application was published by Cyber C.S.G. Soft Ltd, and it is compatible with the major web browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. The browser add-on is promoted at its official website savemassit.info, but it could infect your system bundled with other free programs as well. You should be aware that SaveMass can randomize its name, meaning that the name of the program may contain additional letters, for example, SaveeMass, etc. Due to its function to display numerous third-party... read more

Play Now Radio Removal Guide

Screenshot Play Now Radio is a browser extension that computer users usually download from its official website playnowradio.com. The program has been created by Montiera Technologies Ltd, and it is compatible with Google Chrome web browser. Other applications developed by Montiera are Shop-wit, Wizebar and Buenosearch.com, however, none of them have a good reputation, thus they should be removed from your system. You have to uninstall Play Now Radio as well because this browser extension is not as innocent as it's been presented. In fact, malware researchers have investigated and found out several... read more

Complitly Removal Guide

Screenshot Complitly is an adware program whose purpose is not to infect your system with malware. However, the problem is that adware applications usually become malware distributors. Cyber crooks are these who know how to exploit Complitly for their malicious purposes, thus you should not take this risk. The best thing you can do is to remove the adware application in order to protect your PC from any potential threats. In addition, you'd better scan your computer for other exisiting dangerous programs, as adware does not travel alone. Similarly to the other adware applications, Complitly has been... read more

Deeal Removal Guide

Screenshot Deeal is a browser add-on which can be found on its official website deeal.net, however, it certainly should not be trusted at all. The reason for this is the ability of Deeal to set up a Trojan horse on some computers. This browser add-on is considered as adware because it promotes third-party advertisements and installs Optimizer Pro and Bubble Dock on your system, which are classified as potentially unwanted programs and can be erased from your PC by a legitimate malware removal tool. Deeal is a French program built using the BestToolbars engine and published by Kreapixel Inc. The... read more

SafetySearch Removal Guide

Screenshot SafetySearch is claimed to protect your system from malicious websites and in this way to minimize the risk of getting your computer infected by malware. However, the truth about this program is that it is just another adware application which floods your monitor with useless commercial advertisements and pop-ups. It means that instead of protecting your PC while browsing the web, SafetySearch threatens your system security as the content of displayed ads could be malicious. For that reason, it is strongly recommended to remove SafetySearch from your computer as soon as possible. The... read more
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