Removal Guide

Screenshot is a page on which you will see a search bar and some additional tabs you can use to search for images, videos, maps, news, books or to reach your Gmail account. However, if you click on any of these links, you will be taken to Google. This clearly shows that does not have its own search engine, but uses the search results provided by the well-known and reputable provider Google. Of course, we have to ask ourselves what the use of keeping this website is. The only aim with which the page is created is to promote third-party products and pages. This is... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a website which contains links to some of the most used web pages and social networks. It includes shortcuts, for example, to the user's email, Facebook and Tweeter accounts. It seems that the site is created to put all your useful links on a single page. However, it is also said to be a part of an ad-supported network. This immediately makes the tool an unwanted intruder, because it can silently redirect you to unknown or unreliable websites. In case that you notice this website, it is not a good idea to use its services. On the contrary, it is advised to get rid of... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot What is Read below how to remove OurSurfing from your browser! is a website associated with browser hijackers. This search engine is used to help dubious software penetrate your browser. The hijackers which use can break into Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Upon doing so, they start to manipulate the program in various ways. The search results you get by using this engine will be altered to have supported sites included. There will also be ads included in the results page. is used to help pass on advertising... read more

Online Video Promoter Removal Guide

Screenshot Online Video Promoter is an adware program which poses as a media player. Once it enters your computer, it will not act like a regular program and simply open multimedia files. It will show you commercial ads and coupons without asking if you are interested. This is done to make proceeds with the end user's unwilling help. Online Video Promoter links to supported ads for which its developers receive payment. Just forwarding the links is not enough, though. You have to open these pop-ups. Naturally, this is what their original issuers are interested in. To get your attention, Online Video... read more

Coupons Vault Removal Guide

Screenshot Coupons Vault falls under the categories of adware and potentially unwanted programs (PUP). As the name suggests, this tool is connected to online shopping. It shows different kinds of ads, like pop-ups, pop-unders, banners and others. Coupons Vault is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It will show you ads no matter what your browsing habits are and which site you are on. This PUP will not hesitate to interrupt you. There is no option to stop or reduce the ad flow. The same terms apply for the program's tracking function. Coupons Vault will monitor your... read more

NiceDeal Removal Guide

Screenshot NiceDeal is a typical adware program. Just by reading its name, you can guess that it involves online shopping. The tool gives all kinds of discount product offers in the forms of item advertisements and shopping coupons. It is made to look reliable so as to have a better chance at attracting the user's attention. Following any of its ads is risky. They may seem genuine, but any of them could hide a redirect and lead to a malware infection. NiceDeal does not look out for your security. The adware is ad-supported and only seeks to generate revenue from collecting your clicks on sponsored... read more

Active Discount Removal Guide

Screenshot Active Discount falls under the category of adware. As the name suggests, the program is related to online shopping. Its purpose is to show the user bargain product deals. This sounds helpful, but there are some insecurities you should know about. Active Discount does not link ads solely for your benefit. Displaying advertising content is profitable for the developers of the program. While you may or may not find these ads useful, the creators of Active Discount are guaranteed a commission for every click you make. Since the users do not pay for the services of the program, this is its only... read more

Coupoon Removal Guide

Screenshot There are many programs on the web that offer help to online shopping clients. Discounts, coupons, and comparison advertising are just some of the services these apps provide or claim to provide. Many software tools are not considered reliable and get labeled as adware due to the risks they pose. Coupoon is one of the many risky programs lurking on the web. As its name suggests, this application is focused on offering shopping coupons. It will display content tagged as “Ads by Coupoon”, “Brought to you by Coupoon” or a similar phrase. These ads are considered risky since the program... read more

Knowledge Gains Removal Guide

Screenshot Knowledge Gains is a browser add-on which comes to PCs without the permission of their users. Although the tool may ask for the user's permission to be attached to the used browsers, if the user does not pay attention to the new tool installed, it will be automatically configured on the PC. Then, it will start controlling the browsing sessions on the PC and will do anything to advertise products and services from websites to which it is connected. This is not safe and this is why it is recommended to remove Knowledge Gains hijacker from the system. How does Knowledge Gains potentially... read more

AppSave Removal Guide

Screenshot There are numerous hijackers found on the Internet trying to gain access to user's browsers and take control over them. If you have this app attached to your browser, it will not hide its presence. On the contrary, it will generate numerous pop-ups and banners and will try to take you to third-party sites and thus make a profit. However, it is reported that the content of these pages may turn out to be malicious. Also, the user's information and private details may be stolen and used by the tool and disclosed to the unknown and unreliable sites. All of this may result in posing a serious... read more
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