PCTuner Removal Guide

Screenshot Unable to uninstall PCTuner? You can find detailed PCTuner removal instructions below PCTuner is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) which poses as a legitimate antivirus program. The tool will do scans automatically and ask you to buy its full version to remove the supposed infections from your PC. The truth is that PCTuner cannot detect or delete any viruses. The results the tool displays are not legitimate and should not be relied upon. Unlike other fake AV tools which can lock your system, this program only displays warning messages without limiting your access to programs or the... read more

Netmon Removal Guide

Screenshot Are you trying to remove Netmon? This page contains full Netmon removal instructions Netmon is a program, marketed as an IT management optimizer. The tool is supposed to help monitor network environments. If you have it installed to your system, you will see that Netmon will display ads which have nothing to do with this kind of activity. This hints that the program is actually an ad-supported adware application which uses advertising for making profit. Since it is not paid to use, it requires some purpose for its existence. This is one of the ways it makes profit for its creators. You may... read more

Mr Fun Removal Guide

Screenshot Mr Fun is the name of a program which may sound harmless and leisure, but the effects from its performance may be severe. This is an adware application which does not have good intentions. It offers a number of services, including commercial ads, games and multimedia viewing optimization. These services are advertised through advertisements. The ads Mr Fun will show you may hide malicious software. They are not really generated to be of service to the end user. The reason Mr Fun shows them to you is because it gets paid to by its providers. The program will provide content which is supposed... read more

Magic Ball Removal Guide

Screenshot Encountering advertisements labeled as “Ads by Magic Ball”, “Magic Ball Ads”, or “Magic Ball Deals” means you have somehow let in a malicious add-on onto your computer. Magic Ball is an adware application developed by SuperWeb, LLC. Upon entering your system, it will install its extension to your browser. It is compatible with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. The program is ad-supported, so it will do its best to garner your attention with its advertisements and collect as many clicks from you as possible. Since this is the way it generates revenue through... read more

Infonaut Removal Guide

Screenshot What is Infonaut? Infonaut is an adware application which offers search optimization service. It may sound like a convenient program when you first read its description. Infonaut can facilitate your browsing searches by allowing you to conduct a search without opening a new tab. You can highlight a certain keyword or phrase and the program will show you results from Wikipedia and Bing in an in-page window. Going beyond the simple functionality the program offers, we must point out that Infonaut is ad-supported. The tool's developers have stated this themselves on its official website. This... read more

Tremendous Sale Removal Guide

Screenshot Unable to remove Tremendous Sale? Follow our Tremendous Sale removal instructions to safely remove that adware A problem which is reported lately shows that Tremendous Sale ads are often displayed on user's browsers. These advertisements are both annoying and tricky, as they are connected to third-party sites and pages aimed at promoting their services or products. There is no guarantee that the pages to which the users are redirected after clicking on these ads are reliable. On the contrary, there is a serious risk of being taken to compromised websites and pages that belong to cyber... read more

Notification Helper Removal Guide

Screenshot Unable to remove Notification Helper? Follow the Notification Helper removal instructions in this article to get rid of this adware In case that you see pop-up ads on your screen when you are browsing the net and the notifications have the signature "Ads by Notification Helper" or "Powered by Notification Helper", this means your browser has been hijacked. As a result, you will experience difficulties when trying to search for information on the Internet. Moreover, you will be redirected to unknown pages all the time and you may even find it difficult to browse to the sites you are... read more

Your Personal Files Are Encrypted Removal Guide

Screenshot Is your computer locked with Your Personal Files Are Encrypted message? Follow the instructions in this article to remove Your Personal Files Are Encrypted ransomware If you see a notification on top of your Desktop telling you that Your Personal Files Are Encrypted, this means that your system is compromised with a malicious virus. Probably, you will be scared, as the warning will claim that unless you pay in the next 72 hours, your files will be permanently encrypted and you will not be able to restore them. The truth about this worrying message is that hackers have created a malicious... read more

Websearch.coolsearches.info Removal Guide

Screenshot Websearch.coolsearches.info is a search engine, connected to hijacking activity. This platform is developed to look reliable, even resembling the design and color scheme of the Google Chrome web browser. However, Websearch.coolsearches.info does not provide reliable services as the well-known engines. This domain includes sponsored links in the results it displays. Redirects happen at random, as do the promoted ads that appear in the forms of pop-up windows, banners and in-text links. Following any unconfirmed links Websearch.coolsearches.info will forward you to can get your system... read more

First Color Removal Guide

Screenshot Do you want to remove First Color? Follow our First Color removal instructions to quickly get rid of this adware First Color is classified under adware and potentially unwanted programs (PUP). This program is one of the many deceitful shopping helper tools which offer the user services like product comparisons and coupons. You may not know this about such programs, but they do not take any account for the ads they direct you to. The product deals First Color will show you may not be legitimate. The program's only criterion for picking the ads is getting paid by their providers to show them.... read more
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