Prevent your computer from becoming a Botnet Host

Date: August 18, 2008

The first question you should ask is, how exactly do Botnets work? Botnet software is distributed to users through the exploitation of vulnerabilities on computer systems. Another method is the tricking of uninformed users into opening malicious Botnet binaries and downloading them onto their systems.

botnet.jpgOnce your computer has been infected and is harboring a Bot, the Bot herder has full control of both your computer and the Bot. Once the herder issues a command, all the Bot-infected hosts will execute the command in unison. Thus creating a Botnet. 

Identifying a Bot on your computer is almost impossible for the end user. Bots generally run secretly or in an unsuspecting form, even the process of infection in low key; most users never know they are infected until they are attacked.

Here are a few tips on how to protect your computer from the Botnet attack:

  • Install the necessary firewalls: this will block most known malicious attacks from infecting your computer.
  • Use a pass word that has at least 6 characters: do not use the same password for different programmes.
  • Install Software Patches: this covers up wholes in software programs.
  • Install Anti-virus Programs: this stops viruses before they reach your hard drive & safeguard your PC.
  • Keep all software up to date: as viruses & malicious attacks modernize so should your software.

Botnet_background.pngBig security software vendors such as McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro, have added Botnet-fighting features to their packages. Other companies have simply introduced products that help identify and remove malware, most of the time as an add-on feature. Never-the-less the ever changing attacks of the Botnet creators are keeping security software companies on their toes. Much as with the case Identity Theft, it seems the best way to fight the Botnet attacks is to prevent them.



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