CyberSpy’s RemoteSpy Software is temporarily banned!

Date: November 25, 2008

banned.jpgAt the urgent request of the Federal Trade Commission, a district court in the United States temporarily brought the sale of RemoteSpy keylogger spyware to a standstill. The sale of this software was stopped because the FTC claimed that the software violated its' Act.

On the the 5th of November the FTC filed a complaint against CyberSpy Software, asserting that the was violating the FTC act by selling software that can be easily manipulated by an individual other than the authorized user of the computer the software is on. It can also be surreptitiously installed on someones PC, and then used to steal and reveal private information. On top of that the FTC also claimed that CyberSpy unjustly gathered and stored individuals private information with the help of RemoteSpy.

The FTC also requested that the District Court for the Middle District of Florida, issue a restraining order that will temporarily prevent any further sale of RemoteSpy while the case was still pending, and also to hold CyberSpy liable for any form of injury to consumers as a result of CyberSpy's violation of the FTC Act.

In it's temporary re4keyboard.jpgstraining order filed on the 6th of November, the US district court stated that there is a "substantial likelihood" that the FTC will be able to verify that the CyberSpy violated the FTC act. The court wrote that the sale and operation of CyberSpy's product, RemoteSpy will probably cause considerable damage to consumers and that fact cannot be ignored and is far outweighed by the benefits it brings to consumers and competition. The type of damage likely to be brought about by the sale of this software includes financial damage, identity theft as well as endangering the health and safety of consumers.

The restraining order also prevents CyberSpy from disclosing any information obtained through RemoteSpy and ensure that all websites linked to the product are not accessible to the public. The registered agent and manager of CyberSpy, is to be held liable for all charges against CyberSpy. Despite the fact that many other federal agencies are known to use keylogger software, for the past four years the FTC has been on an ongoing mission to stop the distribution of spyware.


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