Underground Crime: License Plate Identity Theft

Date: February 10, 2009

license_plate.jpgLicense plate ID theft is definitely not something you hear about every day, but it is out there. With the economic recession giving desperate people more and more reasons to take the crime route, the simplest of crimes such as license plate ID theft are on the rise. Traffic camera's are hidden everywhere taking pictures of drivers' plates just when they think they've gotten away with a traffic violation. Not long after the picture is taken a fine is mailed to the person who's name is registered under the said license plate. It is for this reason that license plate ID theft came about.

Criminals realized that using their own cars lead law enforcements right to their door steps while actually stealing a car is too much of a hassle. It became obvious that stealing license plates is less of a hassle and with all the advantages in this scenario, all that's really needed is a good screw driver. Criminals usually go hunting for license plates when it is dark, in neighborhoods where you find cars parked on the street. Large mall parking lots are also a common hunting ground for license plate thieves.

With stolen license plates criminals can feel free to run red lights, park in illegal zones and go over the speed limit because they know they are not the ones that will receive the bill or have police knocking at their doors. Unfortunately these are not the only crimes criminals can get away with. Crimes like burglaries, hit and runs, holdups as well as stealing gasoline from gas stations are all done with ease since criminals know that the license plate number recorded on the cameras belongs to someone else.

traffic-cop.jpgOne year students from Wootton High School duplicated license plates by printing plate numbers in large fonts on glossy photo paper then sticking the duplicate over the existing plate. A rather simple but evil prank that left law enforcements running around in circles and the targeted victims with unexpected fines. This just goes to show that the law enforcement's Speed Camera Program is not as efficient as we thought.

If you want to avoid being a victim of license plate ID theft it would be best to avoid parking your car in deserted areas. If you are going to park you car on the street at night make sure it is in an area with good lighting. You could also purchase one-way screws to secure your plates, these will make stealing your license plate a real task for criminals. Should you find that your license plate has been stolen it would be best to inform law enforcements as soon as possible, that way it will be easier to defend yourself when faced with unknown fines.

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