Watch Out For Trojan-Downloader.Alphabet.gen

Date: August 17, 2009

1171720_computer.jpgDo you know what the alphabet is? Of course you do! Everybody that can read knows what it is. However, today I would like to talk, not about a set letters used to write a language, but this time I'm here to introduce you to Trojan-Downloader.Alphabet.gen  - a Spyware Trojan aimed to infiltrate your PC and open a security hole through which additional malware can be dropped.

But first of all, let's make it clear what a Trojan downloader is on the whole. It is usually a standalone malicious program that, when executed on a system, starts secretly downloading other malware. All these activities are done without any approval of the computer user. When it infiltrattechnology.jpges a system, it waits until an internet connection becomes available and then it immediately connect to a remote websites and ftp sites for additional malware.

The above is exactly what happens with Trojan-Downloader.Alphabet.gen. As soon as it manages to infect your system, this Trojan contacts a remote server in order to download additional malware onto a user's computer without his or her knowledge. But that's not all. Trojan-Downloader.Alphabet.gen can also embed itself into the user's web browser as a BHO (Browser Helper Object). All these malicious activities are a serious threat to the security of a users' personal and financial data. Finally, you should know that the additional malware downloaded through Trojan-Downloader.Alphabet.gen may import additional adware and generate large numbers of popup adverts.

Let's now talk about Trojan-Downloader.Alphabet.gen in more technical terms. This malware is known to be associated with a number of distinct files. The following table gives you all the essential information about each of them, including the name of the file, its size and the MD5 hash:

 File Size  MD5  
SetupRam.dll   18638 bytes  a258cb3c01508baf564b78ae4a238368
ServiceDrv.dll  12288 bytes  5da0267e19b7086c8d59cadcebaf13ae
lsass.exe  29696 bytes  ec12331f4d5733891a43e342b6060c7f
PrxWin.dll  18662 bytes  3a583cae1411158581eb686bae63c3a1
PrxSys.dll  14378 bytes  aba948c17d0b725d81366541781fd056
mgrs.exe  11264 bytes  7ce956a9112800bb0b894dac4ae964b8
avp.exe  18944 bytes  72b41b1b4981b516486fe83c317c5273
16sv.exe  10240 bytes  c1ef7043f5c4bf1c2b13e056d7b2360f 

Table 1.  File information

As is the case with many other malware, different antivirus vendors provide different titles for the same threat. Therefore, below you will find a list with the alias names of Trojan-Downloader.Alphabet.gen:

Alias names of Trojan-Downloader.Alphabet.gen 
 Suspicious File 
 Trojan Horse

Table 2.  Alias names

All the provided information makes it clear that Trojan-Downloader.Alphabet.gen needs be removed from a PC immediately after its detection as it poses a serious threat to the whole system. To avoid further risk of damaging your computer, everybody is highly recommended to use a good malware remover. Only reliable and updated antivirus software can help you detect this malware and remove it from your system without a trace.

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