Is BitRoll Rolling Away With Your Computer?

Date: August 25, 2009

Many people argue that it is stupid to pay for music and movies if you can just download them for free. Many people all over the world spend lots of time each day downloading everything from music, to movies to games. If you know where to go and what to do, you will be able to score yourself all types of software for free, the only thing that it may cost you is a bit of your bandwidth for downloading. The issues with the Copyright laws and the concept of downloading free software has caused many debates worldwide. Either way if you do make the decision to download all sorts of free stuff, that other people pay lots of money for, the sites to use are the BitTorrent sites. However, one of the BitTorrent sites, BitRoll, was found to be a rogue file sharing site that contains large quantities of malware.

What exactly is BitRoll you may be wondering? You do not need to wonder anymore, for I am going to give you a brief overview of this rogue peer-to-peer file sharing client. BitRoll users think they are going to be getting all types of free things like free music, movies and software. The real free stuff that BitRoll users are getting is free viruses, spyware and malware. BitRoll presents you with many problems with the inclusion of undesirable programs being downloaded onto your machine without your knowledge or consent. The chances are very high that if you are receiving pop-up messages asking you to download it, you may already have a small version of BitRoll running on your machine that you may have gotten from a malicious website or alternatively other software.Roll.jpg

BitRoll may also allow for browser hijackings, which happens when you are directed to a site which you never actually directed your browser to yourself. This is usually set up by malicious users to achieve illegitimate objectives. It may redirect to the BitRoll home page instead of your normal default home page. No matter how many times you attempt to restart your machine, it will keep reverting back to the BitRoll homepage. This program can be installed onto your machine with the use of many different strategic methodologies. One method that it uses is through a trial version. What actually happens once the trial version is installed onto your machine is that no matter what you do, it will be almost impossible to remove it.

Aliases of BitRoll
Generic Backdoor

Table 1.  Alias names of the BitRoll

One of the symptoms of the presence of BitRoll is that your computer's performance becomes poorer than what you are used to. Your computer runs much slower than usual and this may be attributed to the factor that BitRoll runs on your machine from the moment your computer boots up until you shut it down, this basically uses up a lot of your computers resources. The names of the files associated with Bitroll are: BitRoll-[1].exe and BitRoll.exe.The MD5's associated to these files are: a8477ef919d8a6bc2bb5aaff500b60da and 28978842d3dfdfc529b74bc2d759f3fa.

You could consider doing a manual removal of BitRoll. This will entail you deleting certain files and registry keys as well as performing various other activities. If you are not sure about this then you may need to consult an expert, as the chances are high that you may damage your computer. The backing up of your data is highly suggested, once you have done this, you should do the following in order to manually remove BitRoll.

How to manually remove BitRoll:
Stop these processes:

  1. BitRoll-[1].exe
  2. BitRoll.exe

Next proceed to delete the following registry values:

  1. D5792AA9-D373-4039-8670-2CDAB6A71F15
  2. WakeNetBitRoll
  3. BitRoll
  4. TorrentManager.WebManager
  5. TorrentManager.WebManager.1
  6. 970CC246-0D83-4FFA-9832-62F19B4505CB
  7. 3FFBBD07-EB2D-4305-982B-21DA43DED39C

If you would like to remain safe, it is very important to run a trustworthy and effective anti spyware program on your system. You should apply the updates to this software as often as you can, and you should do a scan at least once every week. I wish you all the best in ridding yourself of BitRoll, remember if you choose to make use of a BitTorrent site, try to avoid using BitRoll at all costs. I will end off by sharing a peer-to-peer sharing fact with you from Wikipedia:"A downloader is any peer that does not have the entire file and is downloading the file. This term, used in Bram Cohen's Python implementation, lacks the negative connotation attributed to leech. Bram prefers downloader to leech because BitTorrent's tit-for-tat ensures downloaders also upload and thus do not unfairly qualify as leeches."-Wikipedia on BitTorrent vocabulary

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