Do Not Click on Facebook Scam Message ‘twin sister inside belly’

Date: November 24, 2010

Facebook-icon.pngNew day has brought new scam to Facebook users. It looks like scammers are creating new ways for Facebook users to get into troubles.

This time a message informing about some strange anomaly has been circulating on Facebook. In case you see a message "OMG See the story of the 1 year olg girl who carries twin sister inside belly", be sure not to click on it. Otherwise, you will get into trouble.

As earlier scam messages which were published on Facebook website, this message includes a malicious link. If the link is clicked, then the user is redirected to the page which tries to get access to the personal data from the profile, including e-mail address, birth date, and other details.


Therefore, we warn you once again that it is highly dangerous to give permission to any application like this. Once you allow to take this information, your account might be hijacked, as well as you might start getting spam message to your email.

All in all, the bogus message about a twin sister inside the belly is just one more trick to make your lives harder. Stay away from it and keep in mind that this isn't the last attack of the hackers.

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