PC Optimizer Pro Removal Guide

Date: December 17, 2013

PC Optimizer Pro is a fake optimization program which tries to mislead its users into thinking it can improve the performance of their computers. In case that you see this scamware tool to be running on your PC, do not be misled into thinking this is a reliable application. Remember that this is just another virus created by cyber criminals to attack vulnerable computers and steal money and sensitive information from their users. As long as this intruder is present on your PC, know that your whole system is at serious risk and you have to remove the intruder before it has given cyber criminals free access to your computer.

How is PC Optimizer Pro infiltrated into computers?

The rogueware attacker PC Optimizer Pro uses malicious tricks to gain access to a targeted PCs. In order to enter into the system, the fake security application is promoted on infected web sites as a reliable AV program which is worth being downloaded. Also, it can be infiltrated after you have clicked on a compromised web link or you have downloaded a spam email attachment. There are also other ways in which this virus can be downloaded to your PC and this is why it is advised that you use a reliable AV program to stop the attacks of the infections.


What are the symptoms of PC Optimizer Pro?

If your computer has been already compromised and you can see the fake AV program on it, you will also notice some of the problems described below:

  • your computer is running slowly;
  • the system crashes unexpectedly;
  • your browsing sessions are redirected to unknown sites;
  • pop-up messages are displayed while you are browsing the net;
  • scary warnings are shown on your desktop;
  • your system is scanned without your permission.

If you experience some of these problems with your system, this is a sign that your PC has been compromised. Also, if you see pop-up notifications alarming you about fatal system errors and you see the name of PC Optimizer Pro on top of them, this shows you that you and your PC have become a victim of hackers' attacks. Although the fake optimization tool PC Optimizer Pro alarms you about numerous security and system problems and assures you that the only way to fix them is to purchase its full version, this is not true. Also, this scamware program scans your system for infected files without asking for your permission. The final results of the scan show many compromised files and numerous viruses on your computer. Again, if you try to remove any of these threats, you are told that you have to pay for the full version of the bogus application to delete them and clean the system.

Is PC Optimizer Pro harmful?

Know that PC Optimizer Pro is a really harmful computer intruder and if you have it on your PC, you should never be beguiled by its false notifications. This program is not legitimate, but on the contrary. It is not aimed at improving the performance of your computer or fixing system problems. What the intruder wants is to give hackers free access to your bank account and steal your money and sensitive information. Moreover, it can open security holes and make your PC vulnerable to attacks of other viruses like malware, spyware, keyloggers and ransomware infections. Do not allow cyber criminals to control your own computer or steal your money and details. What you have to do to protect your system and clean it from any attackers is remove PC Optimizer Pro scamware tool completely and effectively.

How to remove PC Optimizer Pro?

To delete the fake AV program PC Optimizer Pro from your computer, it is advised that you use a reliable security application. Download the automatic malware detection tool SpyHunter to check your system and remove the infection completely. Manual removal is not recommended, because it may end up with a fatal system crash and loss of all your information stored on the machine. Also, during the process not all of the compromised files may be removed and then your PC will be still infected and controlled by hackers even without your knowledge.

Choose an appropriate removal guide according to your browser and remove PC Optimizer Pro virus completely:

Remove PC Optimizer Pro from Windows XP:
1. Reboot the computer and then press the F8 key.
2. From Windows Advanced Options menu choose Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter.
3. Type the address /download-instructions/ in the search bar.
4. Download SpyHunter to your PC.
5. Open the Start Menu and click Run.
6. In the bar type "msconfig"and click OK.
7. Go to the tab “Startup” in the System Configuration Utility, choose Disable All.
8. Confirm by pressing OK.
9. Reboot the system.
10. Install SpyHunter on your PC and check the system with it for viruses.

Remove PC Optimizer Pro from Windows Vista and Windows 7:
1. Reboot the computer and then press the F8 key.
2. Go to Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter.
3. In your browser, type /download-instructions/
4. Download SpyHunter to your PC.
5. Install SpyHunter and run a scan of your PC.

Remove PC Optimizer Pro from Windows 8:
1. To go to metro Start menu, press the Windows key.
2. Go to Internet Explorer.
3. In your browser, type /download-instructions/
4. Download SpyHunter to your PC.
5. Install SpyHunter on your PC and check the system with it for viruses.

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