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Date: June 5, 2015

MyPriceCut is an adware program which tries to trick users into believing it can help them find bargain shopping deals on the web. It will show you all kinds of product offerings in various types of ads, like discounts, coupons, promotions, auctions, banners, and others. Although the advertisements will show you different kinds of deals, the way they are picked is the same. MyPriceCut takes them from third party sources. The program's developers get paid to display the content of these providers. Each ad the user follows brings them honorary payment. This collaboration is beneficial for both sides, but the end user is left out of the deal. The content MyPriceCut forwards is not confirmed to be safe. The program is not engaged in checking the reputation of the ad providers and the reliability of their links. Opening the pop-up windows would be at your own risk. Each of them is a potential source of malware. Further research has shown that MyPriceCut can gather personal data from the user's browser. It is advised to refrain from using the program's services and have it removed.

How is MyPriceCut distributed to computers?

A common question for all users who have MyPriceCut on their system is how the program got installed. The software is not commercially available on any internet platform. It is not even promoted on a website of its own. Apart from leaving you oblivious about the tool's actual functions, this furtiveness keeps you questioning the program's distribution methods. We were able to gather information on the program's transfer sources. It turns out that MyPriceCut is not spread individually, but through other programs. The adware uses the most common transfer technique, known as software bundling. The program will be attached to the setup file of another piece of software and try to get your approval for its install. Freeware is the type of software that usually serves as the download client for unwanted programs. For some reason, many users neglect to read the terms and conditions when installing new applications to their PC. This allows adware to sneak in by being automatically included in the installation terms. You should always read through each step to see if there are additional programs, checked in for install with the main tool you are currently installing.

remove mypricecut

What makes MyPriceCut risky?

The program's way of functioning does not conform with the security standards that reliable software is supposed to meet. MyPriceCut does not run a security check of the links it embeds in its ads. The adware exposes the end user to a risk without warning him in any way. Since there is no website for the program, there is no source from which you can find information about MyPriceCut. With the shady way of distribution the adware uses, you may not find out that it is responsible for the ad flow until you have already been infected from a compromised link. If you are unsure about the origin of advertising content on your system, you can look for a label of the tool's name on the pop-up windows. It is usually written in small font either on top or at the bottom of the window. Even if you try to avoid the ads MyPriceCut will throw your way, there is still the problem of data tracking which is inevitable. The program spies on your browsing sessions and collects input from your searches and pages visited. It can track your computer's location and IP address and decode the hidden passwords and other protected personal data from your accounts. You have to uninstall MyPriceCut, if you wish to keep your system secure.

How can MyPriceCut be removed from my system?

You can uninstall the program by hand. We have included full manual removal instructions in this article. They are listed below the current paragraph. After you are done with the procedure, you can do a complete system scan of your machine to check if MyPriceCut has been able to let in other unwanted software.

Remove MyPriceCut from your browser

Remove MyPriceCut from Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Remove MyPriceCut add-on from your browser
1. Open Firefox and go to the Menu button in the right corner or simultaneously press Ctrl+Shift+A
2. From the Add-ons Manager tab, select Extensions (or Appearance).

Firefox addon
3. Locate MyPriceCut and click the Disable button.

Step 2: Change your homepage
1. Click on the Menu button on the right and select Options.
2. Go to the General tab.
3. Type in the address of the site you want to set as your homepage. You can also use the Restore option to reset the Default homepage.

Firefox homepage
4. Press the OK button to exit the window.
5. Right-click the Firefox icon on your Desktop and navigate to Properties.
6. Check to see if the Target of the shortcut is correct.

Step 3: Change the default search provider
1. Click on the Menu button in the upper right side and select Options.
2. Open the Search tab.
3. From the drop-down menu, choose a default search provider.

Firefox default search
4. Press the OK button to save the changes and exit this window.

Remove MyPriceCut from Google Chrome

Step 1: Remove MyPriceCut add-on
1. Launch Chrome and open the Chrome menu located in the right corner of the browser screen.
2. Go to More Tools and select Extensions.
3. Locate the unwanted add-on and click on the recycle bin icon next to it to remove it.

Chrome extension
4. Click Remove when the confirmation window appears to complete the removal.

Step 2: Reset the homepage
1. Open the Chrome menu and go to Settings.
2. In this panel, navigate to AppearanceShow Home buttonNew Tab page → Change

Chrome homepage
3. Choose your homepage.
4. Click OK to confirm.
5. Right-click the Chrome Desktop shortcut and go to Properties.
6. Check whether the Target of the shortcut is written correctly.

Step 3: Change your default search provider
1. Launch Chrome and choose Settings from the Chrome menu.
2. Go to the Search panel from this menu.
3. Select a default search engine from the drop-down menu or go to Manage Search engines.
4. Select the search provider you have chosen and click on “Make default”.
5. Press Done to complete the procedure.

Remove MyPriceCut from Internet Explorer

Step 1: Remove MyPriceCut extension
1. Go to the Wrench icon in the upper right of your browser and open the Tools menu (or click Alt+X).
2. Go to Manage add-ons and navigate to Toolbars and Extensions.
3. Choose the extensions you want to delete.

IE extensions
4. Press Remove and click Close.

Step 2: Change your homepage
1. Go to the Wrench icon in the upper right and open the Tools menu (or use the shortcut Alt+X).
2. Select Internet Options.
3. Type the address of the website you have chosen as your homepage going forward.

IE homepage
4. Click OK.
5. Right-click the Internet Explorer shortcut icon on the Desktop and navigate to Properties.
6. Check if the Target of the shortcut is correct.

Step 3: Change the default search provider
1. Click on the arrow icon in the address bar.
2. Choose Add.
3. Choose an engine from the list displayed by clicking on it and selecting the “Add to IE” option.
4. Press Alt+X to go to the Tools menu.
5. Go to the Manage add-ons option and navigate to Search Providers.
6. Choose the engine you want to set as the default provider and click “Set as default”.

Remove MyPriceCut from your computer

Windows 8
1. Click Win+X simultaneously and navigate to the Control Panel.
2. Navigate to Uninstall a Program and choose the unwanted software from the list.
3. Press Uninstall to remove MyPriceCut.

Windows 7
1. Open the Windows Start menu and go to your Control Panel.
2. Select Uninstall a Program and remove MyPriceCut from the list.

uninstall program

Windows XP
1. Open the Windows Start menu and go to the Control Panel.
2. Choose Add or Remove Programs.
3. Find MyPriceCut in the list and remove it.

Should I use an AV program?

It is advised to use an antivirus program when dealing with adware. A program like MyPriceCut opens the door for other software similar to it. Some programs lay in stealth initially which makes it hard to find them and delete them before they are able to cause any problems.

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