Halloween Scam Uses YouTube Sham

Date: October 6, 2011

With Halloween approaching, hackers do not waste time. A lot of people will be searching the net for fresh Halloween ideas, and hackers have prepared a whole set of frightening emotions as a warm-up for the celebrations.

If today, as every time this time of the year, you searched for "halloween skeleton templates", guess what would come on top of Google Search? A malicious link that if clicked on, would redirect users to a fake YouTube site:

The most interesting part of the scam seems to be coming from... browsers! If you try to open the link via Google Chrome, it would warn you that the website contains malware. If you use Internet Explorer to open the link on top of search results, however, no warning, alert or simple notification will be shown and you will be left roaming free around the compromised webpages.

The bogus YouTube site, on the other hand, displays a video called "Top 10 Famous Celebrity Sex Scandals" and the luring image of Paris Hilton dressed in underwear is probably there to trick you into playing the video.

Seeing the video, however, is not the safest thing to do. It would prompt you to update Adobe Flash Player. And, of course, if you fall for the scam and indeed decide to update your Flash player via this compromised webpage, it will come bundled with scandsk.exe - a dangerous malware.



When celebrations are coming soon and you are excited to find something useful for the occasion on the Internet, do not let the excitement overtake you and be cautious when following links. As for updates, always update your software via the official website of the product.






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