Hotstocked Precision Review

Date: October 1, 2012

Last week, we tested up a copy of the latest update of Hotstocked Precision. It is a stock analysis tool that scans the market to find the best trading setups. The software was written based on a backtesting engine that spans 15 years of data and millions of stock trades to see which signals are the best at producing consisting winning trades.

The market for stock software is intensely competitive. This software didn't have some of the features that most of the others focus on like real time trading where you could just click and enter orders at your brokerage. But what the software lacked on the real time trading front, it more than made up for that with one killer feature that none of the other programs offer.

hotstocked.pngStock Probability Analysis, The Killer Feature

Precision's strongest feature is able to go through 15 years of backtesting with one click. I was able to look up one stock which I owned, and it compared the current chart pattern with all the times the pattern was seen in the market before. It gave me the probability at 65% to go up. To my pleasant surprise the stock did in fact go up.

The other great part of the probability analysis, was the ability to sort by highest probability stocks for the day. None of the other downloadable software programs are offering this functionality.

Research Reports

The software has it's own algorithm for generating research reports, that was very solid. I tested it on a couple of companies that I knew were bad, and others that I knew were good. And the program was able to figure out the good from the bad, and explain to me exactly why in plain english.


The program offered the same charting features and technical indicator overlays that all of the other programs offer, but they took it a step further by integrating the probability analysis to plot the most likely future performance of the stock.



hotstocked2.pngThere were no bonds within the program. Some traders like to analyze bond investments and this program did not have bond trading integrated at all. Also as I mentioned earlier this app cannot be used for placing orders with an online broker. In spite of the lack of bond data, this program is definitely worth a try. 


Hotstocked Precision was rated "Best Stock Trading Software of The Year". You can download it for free from their website at For more information, check out their social sites at Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.


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  • Jason says:

    I have a review of Hotstocked Precision up as well at if you guys want to check it out.

    Is it still doing good in 2013?


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