FBI Moneypak Fraud is Gone Wild

Date: October 3, 2012

FBI Moneypak is a malicious and, without any doubt, very dangerous computer infection that attacks PCs all over the world without any notification or warning. In contrast to previous years when hackers developed thousands of tricky computer attackers aimed at misleading PC users and stealing their money, last year these attacks almost ceased due to purposeful actions of FBI. A new and even more cunning computer infection is now compromising PCs and is reported to cause more problems than well-known fake AV programs. The new virus has the name FBI Moneypack and is classified as RansomWare.

FBI Moneypak uses the trustworthy disguise of reliable and genuine computer applications, program updates and video codecs. It deceives unaware PC users into believing they need to download some of these in order to view some video or information, or they just need to update their software. The source from which people are tricked to download these, in fact, harmful and illegal tools or updates, is not reliable at all. Do not fall for these tricks and know that they are aimed only at making it easier for this dangerous attacker to enter your computer system.


FBI Moneypak screenshot


New FBI Moneypak scam page with webcam module

In case that FBI Moneypak manages to penetrate into your system, it immediately locks down your PC and makes it impossible for you to use it at all. The user cannot access his information, and he is also unable to start any programs on his PC. FBI Moneypak accuses the user of the computer of illegal actions and claims that the person needs to pay a fee of $100 to unlock the computer. If the user does not pay the fee, his computer will stay locked. Not only that, but FBI Moneypak tries to scare the user into thinking he will be sent to prison if he does not make the payment.

Of course, this sounds like a really scary warning, but people should never be misled into paying to this scam message. This malicious infection, which is also known as WinLocker, because it locks your whole system, is reported to attack only computers located in the USA. The only option this intruder provides to its victims is to pay the fee otherwise the Desktop, as well as the whole system, remains locked. Even if the infected PC is rebooted, the intruder launches itself again.

The latest feature added to this cunning infection is its webcam module. In case that the infected PC has a camera on it, the user will see himself on the screen. Of course, this is just another trick used to scare victims into paying the fee. No one should believe that this situation is recorded or that he is accused of spreading some illegal content.

FBI Moneypak does not only lock down your PC and any applications running on it, but it also disables your AV tool. Even if you have a reliable and effective security tool installed on your computer, FBI Moneypak may also manage to block it, because tests with this infection show that even Avast and Malwarebytes are stopped by this infection. However, the good news is that there is a really effective and easy way to remove this infection, even if this may seem a tough and too hard task. Just follow the steps below and you will be able to unlock your PC in less than 15 minutes.


How to remove FBI Moneypak from your PC


If you have become a victim of FBI Moneypak, you will not have access to your Desktop, Task Manager, Control Panel and even information. Practically, your whole system will be locked for you. Some people may recommend that you format your PC, but as you know, this may lead to loss of information. Moreover, after this operation you will probably need to install your programs again and thus the removal of the infection will lead to serious problems. Still, there is a way to unlock your computer without formatting your computer and this can be done only in a few steps. They are all described below and they have helped me myself to fix PCs in no time.

Please, see the guide below:

1. Restart your computer
2. Keep pressing the F8 key on your keyboard (hold the key while the computer is restarted), Windows Advanced Startup menu will be displayed
3. Select Safe Mode With Command Prompt using the arrow and press Enter
4. Command prompt Window will be displayed, type explorer.exe and press Enter
5. You will see your Desktop. Click on the Start menu, then type rstrui and click OK
6. System Restore will be opened, where you can choose a day in the past to which the system will be restored. For example, you can set the settings to two or three days before FBI Moneypak has locked your computer.
7. Finally, restart your PC
8. Your Desktop is now seen and your computer is unlocked. However, it is of crucial importance to understand that at this moment FBI Moneypak is still on your PC and you need to clean your system from its files and folders to remove the infection completely. If you stop the process here, the infection can appear again in the next days and you will find your PC locked again. To remove the infected and malicious files, download SpyHunter malware removal tool by clicking on this button:

9. SpyHunter installer will be downloaded and you will have to double-click on it to run it and install the tool on your PC. After SpyHunter has updated its virus definitions, it is ready to run a full scan of your system and detect any files and folders FBI Moneypak has created. SpyHunter will also find other infections, if there are any.

Do not forget that in case that you only unlock your PC, but you do not remove the dangerous files FBI Moneypak has created, your information and system will be still in danger. To protect your computer, make sure that your security software is effective and is regularly updated. This will guarantee you good and reliable protection of your computer.



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  • dennis says:

    I found one way around the moneypak virus that works for a short time. I you have or can open text file that has not been saved or upon restarting you can open and change a text file such as add a letter or number or even hit the space bar before the moneypak virus restarts and locks your computer, after the virus hits use ctrl-alt-del select restart when asked if you want to save changes to the text document select cancel and it will return to your desktop till the virus activates again

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