DownShotFree Toolbar Removal Guide

Screenshot DownShotFree Toolbar is a program which offers the functionality of taking screen shots without having to open an application for the purpose. The toolbar allows you to take a snapshot quickly and save it to your PC. As casual as this functionality may seem, it is just a cover up for DownShotFree Toolbar's real purpose. This program is an intrusive adware application. It shows all kinds of commercial ads to the end user. Most of them appear when you visit popular websites YouTube and Facebook. The goal of the program is to collect clicks from the users to raise revenue. All the ads you see... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a malicious platform, used by malware to penetrate into computers. This domain is known as a phishing website. Its objective is to lure people into following deceptive marketing ads and install dubious programs on their system. Once an adware program or another kind of malware enters your system, it proceeds to display unreliable content through your browser. You will see pop-ups each time you attempt to use your browser. This activity takes up a high amount of CPU memory and slows down your PC's performance. To help get these ads across, the malicious program uses the... read more

Cryptobot Removal Guide

Screenshot Cryptobot is an encryption infection which enters computers without being invited and causes real mess. If you are unable to open your files or launch your programs and you are told that they are encrypted, this is a sign that you are a victim of the Cryptobot ransowmare infection. This attacker is really harmful because its actions often lead to loss of the user's files and fatal system problems. If you are attacked by this virus, be patient and do not allow it to trick you into paying to decrypt your files. Instead, remove Cryptobot virus completely and effectively from all directories of... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot Another tricky and suspicious website which promises to provide search services is The page looks similar to the home page of the Google search provider, for example. This is why users are often tricked by the look of the site and mistakenly think it belongs to the well-known engine. The truth is that it has nothing to do with it. On the contrary, its name is associated with ads and redirects to sponsored sites which make it a suspicious site. This is why it is not at all recommended to make your web searches using this website. Instead, remove read more

NetSpeed Removal Guide

Screenshot NetSpeed is a program, compatible with the most common internet browsers in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The application is advertised as a tool which can measure your internet speed. If you are interested in checking your actual speed on the web, we advise you to look for another, more reliable program to help you do so. NetSpeed should be avoided because its activity is not limited to the service it offers. It will carry out other tasks on its own agenda. Generally considered to be a potentially unwanted program (PUP), NetSpeed supports commercial ads. It displays... read more

Cheap-o Removal Guide

Screenshot Cheap-o is an online shopping advertisement provider. This programs forwards various offers in the forms of pop-ups, banners, interstitial ads, in-text links and coupons. All these advertisements are related to a product which is cheap, at a discount or seems otherwise a bargain to acquire. Do not be fooled that Cheap-o is developed to help you in your online shopping acquisitions. The program has been categorized as adware. Its interest is to collect clicks on these ads from you. The more windows you open, the higher the gains for the developers of the tool will be. Cheap-o does not engage... read more

ComparingGenie Removal Guide

Screenshot ComparingGenie is the name of another browser add-on. The extension is often attached to browsers when another tool is downloaded to the computers. The program is reported to belong to an ad-supported network, which is aimed at redirecting PC users to sponsored sites and pages which pay a commission for increasing their web traffic. To make more money, the tool redirects its users to pages which may be unknown or with a bad reputation and intentions. This is how a serious risk is posed to the user's security and the safety of his PC. To avoid potential problems, remove ComparingGenie add-on... read more

Termblazer Removal Guide

Screenshot A program which offers web search services, Termblazer is presented as a reliable application. The tool is developed by SuperWeb LLC. It is described to work by allowing you to search terms on Bing and Wikipedia without having to load another browser window. You can highlight the term you want to look up and the program will show you the results in an in-page window. While this may seem simple and convenient, Termblazer is not just a handy, harmless program. On the contrary, this tool is ad-supported. It is admittedly described as such on its official website. Termblazer will bombard you... read more

PriceMinus Removal Guide

Screenshot PriceMinus falls under the categories of adware and potentially unwanted programs (PUP). This tool offers help for finding bargain product deals on the web. It features items on discount, comparison advertising, coupons and other kinds of enticing product suggestions. The pop-up messages, in-text links, interstitial ads, embedded advertisement windows and other forms of content will all be flagged by the program's name. Either on top or at the bottom of the window, you will see a sign that reads something along the lines of “Ads by PriceMinus”, “Brought to you by PriceMinus”,... read more

Find-A-Deal Removal Guide

Screenshot Find-A-Deal is a program which offers to help the user save money by finding “the cheapest deals” on the internet and delivering them directly to his browser. It shows various pop-up item advertisements, containing discounts, coupons and other promotional sales. That being said, you need to know that the ads you will see are all supported. The owners of the websites they forward to pay the application's developers to link to them. Find-A-Deal is not responsible for the content of third party advertisements. The risk of encountering any kind of malware is at your own account. Trying to... read more