CasinoRewards Removal Guide

Screenshot CasinoRewards is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) which tries to lure people by offering lavish prizes. It can supposedly provide useful information and access to bargain product deals, games, monetary rewards and tips. CasinoRewards displays ads to show you these offers. Observing the program's activity, it has been discovered that its ads often redirect to third party websites which have nothing to do with the content offered in the pop-up window. In many cases, this leads to malware infections. It is advised to discard any promotional content which CasinoRewards is responsible for.... read more

ArcadeTwist Removal Guide

Screenshot ArcadeTwist is an adware program associated to online games. This tool has an official website, promoting free playable games. To start playing them, however, you are required to install the program. It is said that using the ArcadeTwist app is the only way for accessing the games on the website. By downloading the software, however, you will have to deal with its other features. ArcadeTwist supports advertisements which contain completely different content from its website. They are mostly oriented at online shopping. They will appear regardless whether you are interested in shopping at... read more

Shop Smart Removal Guide

Screenshot Adware platforms are widely used lately and Shop Smart is one of their representatives. In case that your browser has been hijacked, you may find out that it is flooded with pop-up ads and notifications. If they have the label “Ads by Shop Smart” or “Provided by Shop Smart”, this means that the browser hijacker Shop Smart has managed to gain control over your searches. Harmless as it may seem, this ad-supported browser extension may cause real security problems. This is why it is advised to remove Shop Smart as soon as possible and do not allow it to take you to insecure pages. How... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot There is a tricky update notification seen on the web lately. The address of the warning is If you are taken to this suspicious website, you will see a Java notification window telling you it is advised to "have Java in order to proceed". In case that you click on the confirmation button, you risk to download a harmful virus to your computer. Behind this notification hide hackers. They are not aimed at helping you find any missing programs or features you need to browse the net. As usual, their only intention is to trick users into letting viruses into their... read more

Efix Removal Guide

Screenshot Efix is a potentially unwanted program which claims to offer security and optimization services. Although it claims to be a really helpful application, the program is reported to gain access to computers even without the knowledge of their users. Once on a computer, the tool tries to persuade users into paying for its full version. However, it is believed that the services provided by this tool are not at all useful and reliable. It is supposed that the tool may take yoir money but leave the system unprotected. This is why, to avoid being attacked by hackers, remove eFix completely from the... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a malicious web domain. This website contains pornographic content, but its actual purpose is hijacking your computer. It is used by malicious browser hijackers to penetrate into a targeted system and start wreaking havoc. The objective is making revenue by using your system as a resource in a couple of ways. For one thing, you will be shown advertisements in the forms of pop-up and pop-under windows, banners, coupons and others. The number of links you follow determines how much profit they will make from your activity. Another attribute of is to spy on your... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is an unreliable platform which supports browser hijackers. This is one of the many identical search engines from the Websearch family. It is compatible with all web browsers which makes it impossible to avoid its harmful activity. For one of the purposes of getting control over your system, is automatically set as your default homepage and search engine. Do not be fooled to use this search engine, as it will display unreliable results. There will be sponsored links from third parties included amid the regular search results.... read more

Sale Charger Removal Guide

Screenshot Sale Charger is a tool which offers browsing optimization services. The program claims to help you improve your browsing experience, though it is not clearly stated how it does that. The only presentation on its official website mentions an improvement in browsing searches, but nothing more. Virtual security experts have discovered that Sale Charger promotes third party advertising content and fake software. The tool displays all kinds of ads, like pop-up and pop-under windows, banners, interstitial, embedded, and in-text ads. Each of them can potentially lead you to malicious software. The... read more

Rapid Media Removal Guide

Screenshot Rapid Media is a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It is presented as a legitimate tool, useful for converting between various audio and video multimedia files. The problems with this piece of software are that it supports advertisements and monitors your activity on the web. Ad supported applications are generally not well regarded because they mediate the content of third parties without checking the security of the advertisements. You may come across malware by opening any given ad. The third parties behind Rapid Media are only interested in making revenue through the adverts. They get... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a platform used to hijack your system. Upon entering your system, an unreliable program can make all kinds of changes to your browser's settings and start sending advertising material your way. Your default homepage and search engine will be reset to The website itself is a search engine which includes a number of other features, besides the search field. There are a few ads embedded in the page and a whole bunch of links to various websites all around the search field. There are also a couple of other tabs, namely a “news” and “shopping”... read more