Lite Web Removal

Screenshot Lite Web is a program, developed by SuperWeb LLC. The tool is presented as a wizard at optimizing your browsing results. It displays comparison deals, inline ads, related products to your recent searches, and reviews in the forms of pop-ups and banners. These functions are supposed to let you find bargain offers on the web. However, research has shown that the advertisements Lite Web brings you may lead to unreliable websites. You can have your system infected with malware. The program's ad flow cannot be controlled. Lite Web shows you ads without having you enter any queries or setting... read more Removal

Screenshot is a rogue search engine. This website allows hijackers on the user's system. It is presented as a reliable platform and does not have any advertisements on its page, hinting that it supports third party content. However, if you have it forcibly set to your browser by a malicious hijacker, you will find that it does just that. The searches done through will have supported links inserted amid the regular results. Pop-up ads will appear on your screen all the time, coming directly through your browser. This domain is developed to let hijackers take over your... read more

Desktop Recipe Removal

Screenshot Desktop Recipe has a straightforward name which sufficiently describes its offered functionality to the end user. It allows you to look up cooking recipes without opening a new tab on your browser. The program may seem simple and harmless, but research has shown that it is neither. Desktop Recipe is a possible source for malware. The program displays various product ads from dubious sources. You may be redirected to a website which contains nothing like the picture, displayed in the ad window. The tool has been categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It is advised to avoid... read more

Webbora Removal

Screenshot Webbora is a shopping helper which is supposed to provide you with bargain product deals. The tool displays all kinds of advertisements for various items in the forms of pop-ups and pop-unders. This includes discounts, coupons, price comparisons, promotional offers, and other similar deals. However, research has shown that its sources are rather questionable. Webbora uses supported content. This concept is regarded as risky because the programs which implement it use all paying parties as the sources for their adverts. The program receives payment in the form of honorary commissions whose... read more

Razor Web Removal

Screenshot Razor Web is a product of SuperWeb LLC. This program offers to optimize your browsing sessions. In reality, Razor Web is an adware application. The tool displays pop-up and pop-under windows in the forms of discount offers, coupons, banners, comparison advertisements, full-page ads, and others. These adverts all offer products at bargain prices. This service may seem legitimate and really helpful, but Razor Web is known to use all sources for its advertising content. Some of these links may not be reliable. You could be taken to a malicious website spreading malware. None of the sources for... read more

One System Care Removal

Screenshot One System Care is marketed as a helpful optimization tool. It is supposed to keep your PC clean and protected from undesired software. However, security specialists have determined that this program's services are not reliable. The scans One System Care makes return error results and security threats which are not real. The tool does this to make you believe your system is at risk and that by purchasing its full version, you can reattain your security status. However, One System Care cannot do anything to improve your computer's security. The program is not a reliable cleaner which can... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a malicious domain, used by browser hijackers. The website itself looks questionable in its implementation. It promotes adult-oriented content. These kinds of websites are often related to illegal content and tend to spread malware. is used by a program which is already active on your computer. It helps it to break into all widely used browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. All popular internet browsers are subjected to the harmful activity of this platform. The hijacker does a number of modifications to your browser and uses... read more

Locker v1.7 Removal Guide

Screenshot Locker v1.7 is a ransomware program which takes over your system and locks your files upon penetrating your PC. The program uses a RSA-2048 key via an AES CBC 256-bit encryption algorithm to make your data inaccessible. It targets all kinds of files, like documents, videos, pictures, and programs, leaving only the files which are necessary for the system to be booted. Your computer must be running in order for Locker v1.7 to make its demands. The ransomware asks for a monetary payment to decrypt your data and puts a deadline for completing the transaction to pressure you and not give you... read more

GoGoGo Radio Removal Guide

Screenshot GoGoGo Radio is a music player, featuring a wide range of radio stations. It functions through your browser. The program is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. It runs on both the Windows and Mac operating systems. The program is developed to appear genuine and really convenient. However, once it starts working on your PC, you will see that it supports advertisements. GoGoGo Radio will flood you with all kinds of advertising content in all formats. The program displays pop-ups, banners, in-text links, coupons, interstitial and video ads. They link... read more

Rockstar Games Arcade Removal Guide

Screenshot Rockstar Games Arcade ( is an ad-supported freeware application which lets you play free flash games. Undoubtedly, there is nothing wrong or necessarily suspicious about providing a free online gaming platform at the expense of displaying third party advertisements, neither is using a name, so closely verbally related to one of the most popular company names in the gaming industry, in order to gain interest a sign of a possible computer security threat. However, after a close examination, it has been unequivocally rated as a PUP (which stands for potentially unwanted... read more