Removal Guide

Screenshot is a Russian website on which its visitors find information about the weather, the latest news, the daily horoscope and any other interesting facts that may attract the user's attention. However, some PC users complain that the redirects to this site they experience are really often and this is a problem. The site contains links to third-party pages and if you happen to click on any of them, you will be immediately taken to unknown sites. This poses a risk to the user's computer and information and gives security specialists a reason to advise users to remove and do... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a search engine. This website looks like a regular browsing domain. It has a clean layout with three basic filter tabs beside the regular web tab: images, videos, and news. The website has no logo. It is available in 18 different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Thai. If you try to use this engine to conduct your searches, you may notice some differences in the search results, but this is not any kind of optimization. read more

BloCKUTubeAd Removal Guide

Screenshot BloCKUTubeAd is promoted as a helpful program. As its name suggests, the tool is designated to stop the intrusive ad flow on YouTube and other video websites. The software is installed as an extension to your browser. It is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you have BloCKUTubeAd installed to your browser, you will see that the tool itself displays advertising content. It will show you shopping-related ads, offering discounts and promotional offers. These offers will appear on top of your browser windows, amid your search results and in the side panels... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is an unreliable search engine. This platform is used to assist browser hijackers in infiltrating a user's computer. The website is created to resemble a convenient alternative for web browsing. Besides the search engine, it features direct links to popular websites and tabs with external sources on various entertainment topics. The hijacker behind also displays promotional ads for products, sold at bargain prices. The advertisements appear in various shapes and forms, like pop-up and pop-under windows, coupons, interstitial ads, in-text links, banners, and many... read more

Locker Virus Removal Guide

Screenshot Locker Virus is a ransomware program. There are several versions of this virus: v5.52, v4.81, v4.55, v3.49, v3.30, v2.60, and v2.16. They are not necessarily chronological by number. Research has shown that all of them are much alike. Ransomware programs are harmful viruses, also known as win-lockers. They block your access to your system's resources entirely. Locker Virus uses a RSA-2048 encryption algorithm to block the access to your files. It requests paying a ransom to decrypt them. To this day, virtual security specialists have not found a way to decrypt the infected data without the... read more

CoupMeApp Removal Guide

Screenshot CoupMeApp is a representative of the Multiplug family of adware applications. Like its predecessors, it presents itself as a useful tool for online shopping initiatives. The program offers coupons and shows various discount deals in pop-up windows and banners. If you have not had previous experience with tools like CoupMeApp, you may not know that such free software comes with a consequential price. Since the developers of the program will not make any money from simply having people use their software, they have developed it to be able to raise proceeds from people's activity. This is done... read more

Antivirus Pro 2017 Removal Guide

Screenshot Antivirus Pro 2017 is a fake antivirus program. This malicious tool tries to make you believe that your system is infected by viruses and offers to help you dispose of them. The program initiates scans on system start-up and always returns bad results. Ignoring them is not an option. Antivirus Pro 2017 locks all your files and programs, stating that this is done to protect them from the infections on your system. The truth is that this fake AV software is the real threat on your computer. It displays the fake results to make you believe your system needs to be tended to and locks your data... read more

Savvy Suggestor Removal Guide

Screenshot Savvy Suggestor is a widget which offers to make your online browsing more convenient. The app offers a whole bundle of features, like easily accessible news and shopping offers, digital maps, enhanced text, image and video searches, and others. The idea of having all these services available through a single platform seems very good. With all this offered for free, it makes sense that the user would be interested, if he came across this domain. However, you should know that such services are usually offered free of charge for a reason. While you may not pay for using the platform, the... read more

Screen Flip Removal Guide

Screenshot Screen Flip is a program which promises to enhance your browsing experience. The tool focuses on online shopping, so you will mostly see product offerings, comparison advertisements and various bargain deals. Screen Flip will also offer you coupons. You should know that all these offers are not necessarily legitimate. The program is not affiliated to any online trading platform. It simply mediates content from other sources. None of them go through a security check before being passed on to you, so there is a risk that they may contain malware. Screen Flip gets paid to be a mediator for... read more

Excellent4App Removal Guide

Screenshot Excellent4App is a form of adware that gets installed to a targeted computer as a browser extension. The program promotes third party content in the form of product offerings. Excellent4App will show you discounts, contextual advertisements, banners, and in-text ads. It will make price comparisons and offer coupons. Although these ads most frequently appear on shopping websites, they will be seen on all sites you visit. Excellent4App observes your activity on the web and takes notes on your preferences and interests, highlighting on your shopping initiatives. The extension chooses the ads... read more