Offers By Context Removal Guide

Screenshot Offers By Context is the name of a potentially unwanted program (PUP). This tool states that it can analyze your online activity and scan the web for bargain product deals, related to your interests. All of the offers it comes up with are related to your recent searches. While this may sound like a useful service, there are a few downsides which make Offers By Context a risky program to use. The PUP does not only work when you want it to. In fact, it does not ask you what products you want it to look for to begin with. It simply starts functioning once it gets installed to your PC. Offers... read more

Price Slayer Removal Guide

Screenshot Price Slayer is an adware program, connected to online shopping. As the name suggests, this tool is offered as an app that can help you save money. It displays all kinds of advertising content, like in-text links, coupons, video targeted ads, and other discounts in the forms of pop-ups and pop-unders. The software is available as an extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Once it gets installed, it will start working automatically. Price Slayer will arrange its own settings to be launched on system start-up. The plugin displays all ads on top of your browser... read more

Vid Adblock Removal Guide

Screenshot Vid Adblock is a tool which offers to give you a browser experience free of advertising content. The program is said to be able to block the annoying pop-ups on the web. It should put a halt to commercial advertisements, appearing on random pages, and remove the intrusive ads on sites like YouTube where they disrupt your regular video viewing. If the program is active on your system, though, you will see that Vid Adblock itself displays various kinds of advertisements. The content is mostly shopping-oriented and has nothing to do with the user's voluntary requests. They appear without the... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is an unreliable search engine. This website is known to be used by browser hijackers to infiltrate your system. The results provided by it include sponsored links from third party websites. There will also be embedded advertisement windows in the search result pages. Beside the activity around the search engine, pop-up ads will also appear on your screen at random. This heavy advertising campaign aims to make profit from your online activity. Using sponsored content means that the owners of the domain will get paid for each ad you click on. To facilitate the process, the... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a dangerous domain. This website is used to let browser hijackers penetrate into a targeted system. When a malicious program makes its way into your PC, the issues start piling up. Promotional advertisements for supposedly bargain product deals will begin to pop up on your screen. This content is supported. The owners of use these ads for monetizing. Apart from the commercial content, there will be other, more dangerous messages. The hijacker behind will show you many deceptive alerts, stating that your system is at risk or that you need to update a certain... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a deceptive domain which is created to help spread infections into users' personal computers. This website allows all kinds of fake messages to be displayed to your screen. You will see error alerts, stating that your system needs your intervention. There will be unreliable programs offered for install to supposedly help you solve issues which are really non-existent. These fake tools may actually be malware. Another trick is false update requests for programs and system tools. The reality may again be that a malware program is hiding behind the bogus message... read more

Global Gadget Removal Guide

Screenshot Global Gadget is an adware program, developed by SuperWeb LLC. This tool is supposed to enhance your overall browsing experience, though it is not stated how it actually works. If the program is currently installed to your PC, you will see that it displays many advertisements about various shopping deals. It will offer you coupons, show you various discounts and focus on lowly priced goods in all of its ads. The program is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. It displays different kinds of advertising content, like pop-ups, pop-unders, banners, in-text... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is a deceptive search engine and entertainment platform. The website is in Portuguese. It has a number of features, including hot, shopping, and games tabs in the main menu. Two side menus have sports, news, television, images, movies, and music tabs. The site also offers a weather forecast for the city of your choice, a horoscope, and many links to websites with similar content as in the latter categories. All these features may seem fun to use, but the origin of the websites they link to is questionable. is known to link to suspicious sources. This is done through... read more Removal Guide

Screenshot is an alternative search engine. This website offers you pretty much the same features as the well-known search providers like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It has a web, images, videos, and maps tab to specify your search queries. A different feature which sets it apart from other browsing engines is that it has two search fields, one at the top of the page and one at the bottom. Its logo is designed in the same color scheme as that of Microsoft Windows. This does not mean that the engine is in any way associated to the Microsoft OS. It may be purposely done to make the user... read more

Surf-N-Block Removal Guide

Screenshot Surf-N-Block is a program which offers online security optimization. This is offered to help parents protect their children from dangers on the web. The tool is compatible with all versions of Windows and the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. The tool has an official website, located at We have discovered through our security research that the program's website is identical to the site of an adware program, called Blockeru. The URL for this adware's domain is The design, images, descriptions and all... read more