321oyun.com Removal Guide

Screenshot There are more and more users who are taken to the suspicious website 321oyun.com. The page looks like a news site where you can find information about the hottest online shops, the latest games, you can browse images or search for music. The page is similar to the Google news website, but it cannot be compared with it, because on this one you can also see numerous pop-up ads and banners. If you click on any of them, you may be immediately taken to an unknown website with unreliable content. As long as you are on this website, there is a risk that unwanted programs may be downloaded to your... read more

Excellent Coupons Removal Guide

Screenshot Excellent Coupons is a plugin developed by Illustrious Apps. It features shopping offers for discount products. They are mainly presented through coupons, as the program's name suggests. A rather simple program at first glance, Excellent Coupons is actually much more than an online shopping helper. The tool is based on supported advertisements. It does not display random ads, but only promoted content from paying providers. The developers of Excellent Coupons get paid for every ad that successfully attracts the user's attention. The software does not bother to do a security check of the... read more

DailyRecipeGuide Toolbar Removal Guide

Screenshot You can easily guess what the purpose of DailyRecipeGuide Toolbar is. This app offers cooking recipes. If you often cook at home, you may have come across it while looking for recipe ideas. It works on the most common internet browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. On its official website, it is especially promoted for Chrome New Tab. While its services may sound helpful, this toolbar is very risky to use due to its functionality to show the user promoted adverts. DailyRecipeGuide Toolbar is considered to be a potentially unwanted program (PUP) which experts advise... read more

Cassiopesa.com Removal Guide

Screenshot Cassiopesa.com is a website which provides unreliable web search services. It is used by hijackers to infiltrate your system and make use of your resources. Once a malicious program enters your PC, it will start to display unreliable ads which will be presented as legitimate just like the search engine. However, they are considered risky because their initial source is unknown. Every ad could lead to a compromised website. Your system will slow down due to the constant traffic of advertising content. You will have your browser's settings altered to facilitate the hijacker's initiative at... read more

Lookout Deals Removal Guide

Screenshot Lookout-deals.com is the website of the potentially unwanted program Lookout Deals. As its name suggests, the application is created to help you search for the best online deals and promotions. If you go to its website, you will see there are different categories which you can browse. However, you have to pay close attention to the ads this engine provides. It is reported that some of them lead to unknown websites and pages the content and reputation of which are not checked. This is why, when using the services of Lookout Deals, you may be redirected to unreliable pages. This is not at all... read more

Bitcryptor Virus Removal Guide

Screenshot Bitcryptor Virus is a ransomware program (also called win-locker) which affects all versions of Microsoft Windows. It has been discovered that this infection is the latest version of CryptoGraphic Locker. This virus was earlier redeveloped into CoinVault. Like its predecessors, the latest reincarnation holds all your files hostage, demanding you pay a ransom to get your access back. The only data which is not subjected to the encryption is the OS data which is required for the system to keep functioning. This is done to keep the computer active, so that the virus can display the ransom... read more

Exq.exe Removal Guide

Screenshot Exq.exe is the name of a malicious process running on hijacked computers. In case that you experience problems with your system, you have problems when launching your programs or they crash unexpectedly, this is a sign that a harmful process may be running on your computer and using the system's resources. This file belongs to hijackers and in case that you open your Task Manager and you see the process running, this means that there is an unwanted intruder on your PC. Do not underestimate the negative consequences caused by the presence of Exq.exe. As soon as you find out the process is... read more

Coppingo.com Removal Guide

Screenshot Coppingo.com is a website, offering an alternative search engine and an extension for improving your browsing sessions. The extension which will be added to your browser is called GET_Coppingo. The website promoting these features is created to appear legitimate. There are accounts for Coppingo in popular social media websites Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. The search engine is supposed to optimize your browsing sessions, while the program offers to facilitate your work by opening a selected outtake of your favorite pages into a single tab. You will see that this is not... read more

JoomiWeb Removal Guide

Screenshot JoomiWeb is an adware application, developed by SuperWeb LLC. It is supposed to improve your browsing activity, though it is not elaborated how it contributes to your sessions. The tasks JoomiWeb is known to carry out include displaying advertisements in the forms of pop-ups, coupons, banners, discounts and other similar variants. You should know that this content is in no way connected to the program itself. JoomiWeb only acts as a mediator to help get these ads to the user. The tool is compatible to the most widely used web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.... read more

SeeWords Removal Guide

Screenshot SeeWords is a program which offers the service of finding song lyrics for you on the web. The tool is free for the end user. When encountering such a program, you should know that it likely uses another method to make profit for its creators. In this case, SeeWords uses ad supporting to generate revenue. For this reason, it is considered to be a potentially unwanted program (PUP). The most common monetization technique among PUPs is advertising. The ads the program generates come from various sources who pay for having their content displayed. You should know that SeeWords elects to present... read more