BrowserProtector Removal Guide

Screenshot BrowserProtector is an adware program. This software application has chosen a deceptive approach at acquiring the user's trust. It is promoted as a program which protects your computer from unwanted applications and advertisements that are often found on the internet. This strategy has let to fooling many users that they have a reliable tool on their computer, when in actuality BrowserProtector is as risky as the content it claims to block. The program itself supports advertising content. It will reduce your system's security and expose you to potential threats, rather than protect you.... read more

MarkingApp Removal Guide

Screenshot There is another hijacker targeting user's browsers. Its name is MarkingApp and it can be found at With this tool you can highlight, magnify and light-up text on the websites you visit, and then you can share the text you have marked on social networks. Apart from being a useful application which can be added to your browser, the tool is also reported to show numerous pop-up ads. This is due to the fact that the program belongs to an ad supported network aimed at increasing the number of third-party sites. These sites pay for increasing their web traffic. However, all of this... read more

GamingAssassin Toolbar Removal Guide

Screenshot GamingAssassin is known to be a new toolbar which often comes to computers without being noticed by the users. The add-on is created to make it possible for users to download games through their browsers and find the hottest online games. The toolbar is said to be powered by the search provider Ask. If you are a fan of online games, this program may seem to be the perfect extension for your browser. However, there is a serious risk associated with this tool, as it is ad supported and it comes with pop-up ads, banners, unexpected notifications and tricky messages. The program is said to be a... read more

Trojan.VBS.UEF Removal Guide

Screenshot Trojan.VBS.UEF is a dangerous infection of the Trojan horse type. This virus can cause all sorts of damage to your machine. Once it penetrates your system, it will start attracting other malicious software. Trojans are accustomed to help malware applications enter into a targeted system. They do modifications to your system which compromise your security and leave your PC an easy target for malevolent applications. The changes Trojan.VBS.UEF does will affect your system settings, including your browser. This activity uses up a lot of system resources to complete. Your computer's performance... read more

SearchFin Removal Guide

Screenshot SearchFin is a product of SuperWeb LLC. This tool is offered to help you find bargain deals on the web. It features discounts, comparison advertisements, inline ads, related term searches, reviews and other similar advertising content. These ads are brought as pop-ups, banners, interstitial links, coupons and so forth. Although SearchFin may seem helpful at first, the program is not considered legitimate. The tool is classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). The reason for this is that the content it forwards your way is supported. SearchFin uses these pop-ups to make profit off... read more

Alpha Crypt Removal Guide

Screenshot Alpha Crypt is a malicious ransomware program. Like all such viruses, it makes its presence on your system perfectly clear once it penetrates into it. It will display a straightforward message on your screen, stating that it has encrypted your files. Simultaneously, it asks you to pay a certain sum to get your access back. The purpose of contemporary win-lockers is not simply to mess with your data, like some of the pioneers in data encryption used to do. Today's cyber criminals have found a use for their skills in hijacking a computer's resources. They demand payment for restoring your... read more

Glass Bottle Removal Guide

Screenshot Glass Bottle is an adware application, developed by SuperWeb LLC. This program's functionality is not really made clear until it starts running. It will flood your browser with commercial ads in different shapes and forms. This includes pop-ups, banners, in-text links, hyperlinks and all other kinds of promotional content you can think of. They will all be flagged as “Ads by Glass Bottle”, “Brought to you by Glass Bottle”, “Powered by Glass Bottle”, or a similar label. The tool uses these advertisements for monetary purposes. The Glass Bottle developers get paid in commissions... read more

Crazy Score Removal Guide

Screenshot The Crazy Score program is supposed to be a useful application. Although even its own website does not specify exactly what it is meant for, it is hinted that the tool facilitates some of your online tasks. If this software is installed to your system, you will start seeing pop-ups flagged as “Ads by Crazy Score”, “Brought to you by Crazy Score”, “Powered by Crazy Score” or a similar phrase. The tool works on all web browsers and you will see that it is related to online shopping. The program will display various low-priced products, comparison advertisements, discounts and... read more

PlaySushi Removal Guide

Screenshot PlaySushi is the name of a website for online games. On it, you can find the latest online games and start playing them immediately. The games are divided in categories to find the one that suits you best. However, if you read carefully the information on the page, you will see that these games are ad supported and they will also install a toolbar on your PC. Soon, you will realize you have to get rid of PlaySushi, because it has flooded your browser with ads and keeps taking you to unknown websites the content of which may not be reliable. What do we know about PlaySushi? If you read the... read more

Los Pollos Hermanos Removal Guide

Screenshot Los Pollos Hermanos is a ransomware virus from the CryptoLocker family of win-lockers. It is easily distinguishable from other similar infections by its colorful logo, featuring a drawing with two fictional chickens. At this point in time, Los Pollos Hermanos is limited to computers from Australia where it was originally created. It continues to be spread, though, and there is every chance that it will infiltrate machines from other geographic web locations. Once entering your PC, this program encrypts all the files you have on your hard drive. It uses double encryption technology for this... read more